Succeed in the online remote working environment with Nexford’s The Global Grid program

Nexford Staff
February 9, 2022 · 1 min read

Online and remote working exploded during the pandemic. Predictions on how the remote working environment would grow exponentially year-on-year went out the window when Covid struck in March 2020

In May 2021, a Mercer study found that 70% of companies said they were planning to adopt the homeworking model. Many companies have already made the switch, including prominent brands such as Adobe, Salesforce, Spotify, and Twitter. And Microsoft’s Work Trend Index (published in March 2021) found that 66% of employers around the world are redesigning their workplaces to accommodate hybrid home and work arrangements.

Success in this new normal global working environment doesn’t require a simple transference of job-related skills to a remote arrangement. It requires a fair degree of upskilling or reskilling.

To help people both adapt and thrive, Nexford University has launched its mentorship program. Called ‘The Global Grid’, the program aims to increase awareness around the millions of jobs that are moving online, and the skills needed to qualify for these jobs.

Live webinars hosted by mentors that are open to the public, and group mentorship sessions that are exclusively available to Nexford learners will help equip attendees with the knowledge and skills required to get ahead and stay ahead of others who are looking to take their careers to the next level in this ever-changing work environment.


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