Top 5 ways an online MBA will build your career in technology

Kolapo Imam
April 26, 2022 · 5 min read

If you’re planning on growing your career or successfully starting a business in the tech industry, there’s no better and more cost-effective way than an online MBA


At first glance, you might be wondering if getting an MBA has any connection with a career in technology as it is primarily synonymous with top-flight traditional business sectors. In 2021, Technology companies were reported to be among the biggest recruiters of MBAs graduates and the most attractive companies for them to join. In 2019, 80% of tech companies reported plans to hire MBA graduates. In 2021, that figure rose to 96%.

An online MBA program delivers far more benefits for graduates than a traditional MBA from an old-school brick-and-mortar university. Two of those would be more doors opening to job interviews and for those already employed, the promise of promotions and pay raises. A recent 2021 study found that 75% of employers believed online education will increase the likelihood of lifelong learning post-graduation.

How can an online MBA bolster your tech career?

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC)’s 2021 Corporate Recruiters Survey report reflects an interesting trend development – 96% of recruiters from the technology sector plan to hire MBA grads in 2021 as compared to 80% in 2019. The most famous roles for MBA grads at tech companies are product management (51%), business development/sales (49%), general management (46%), consulting (46%), and marketing (44%). (GMAC, 2021)


Technology companies worldwide have often suffered in the past due to over-reliance on technical proficiency while neglecting the importance of soft skills in building a sustainable organization.

Yemi Faseun, a mentor with The Global Grid at Nexford University, said “True leaders must not wait until they become managers before starting to build the skills around managing people. SOFT SKILLS of communication and networking within the organization need to be learned and quickly. But don’t forget that this is the start point. There is no better and smarter way to achieve this except through an online MBA.”

1. Lifelong learning   Being an active lifelong learner is highly beneficial for any role in the technologies sector. Top-level positions are predominantly down to people acquiring specific technical skills that can help them advance their careers.

Nexford equips you with a continuous and self-improvement plan to cope with the demands of a career in the tech industry. Online MBA grads are more prone to learning new technologies, mastering new tools, acquiring additional skills on the job, and successfully embracing personal development. All at almost zero cost to their employers.

2. Mastering analytical skills  The technologies industry relies heavily on the ability to process data and embrace data-driven decision-making. According to a Forrester report called Data Literacy Matters, 90% of global data and analytics decision-makers are focusing on prioritizing data insights in business decision-making. MBA courses cut across modules in accounting, marketing, data analysis, strategy, and entrepreneurship, which are significant prerequisites for mastering business and analytics.

An online MBA helps learners master tools and resources to collect, analyze, interpret, and subsequently present data for decision-making. Quality presentation of insightful data removes biases and guesswork from decision-making, potentially enhancing success as a senior professional.

3. Emotional intelligence-driven leadership   Soft skills are becoming increasingly sought after for senior roles in tech companies. Tech companies value outstanding leadership as much as technical skills, but an engineering or science degree often doesn’t equip learners with the best skills to lead and work with teams. Leaders with good emotional intelligence can positively drive change, increase team productivity and reduce staff turnover for their companies.

An online MBA equips learners with advanced cultural and emotional intelligence to promote effective communication and personal relationships. The BUS6070 course at Nexford University challenges learners to assess behavioral patterns, influence culture critically, and identify ways to apply leadership styles to drive organizational development.

4. Creative Problem Solving   The success of leading tech companies no longer relies on copy and paste ideas, but rather on outstanding innovation and top-flight strategic thinking. The ability to develop novel approaches and entirely new concepts to problem-solving is a superpower that is synonymous with MBA grads all over the world, as they are more geared to making tough business decisions.

The ability to merge customer-centric thinking and creative thinking is one of the institutional outcomes of a Nexford MBA program. An online MBA equips you with established frameworks to analyze a situation and design alternative solutions for helping organizations overcome challenges and achieve strategic goals. It equally exposes you to the best way to carefully draw inspiration from across departments and industries and relate them to problem-solving.

5. Career Satisfaction & Income Growth One of the most popular metrics for measuring the success of an MBA program is evident in the greater career opportunities realizable after completion of the program. The average income of an MBA grad is a lot more and nearly double the compensation for an employee without an MBA.

Get ahead and stay ahead with an MBA 

An online MBA related to the technologies industry prepares you for senior roles that attract more responsibilities, pay, and benefits. It also increases your confidence, which can lead to career growth.

Over the years, there have been significant increases across roles in technology such as operations, business analysis, data analysis, people management, communications, marketing, product management, and finance. Plus, leading tech companies are now more open to hiring candidates across other geographies due to the explosion of remote working caused by the pandemic.

Nexford Alumni have taken to LinkedIn to share how beneficial their Nexford MBA has been to their career growth. Nexford MBA Grad Innocent Nnamdi described his learning experience as a journey of self-development and self-discovery that has greatly improved his confidence at work. Learners have mentioned how some of the assignments involved making recommendations for top companies such as Mckinsey and Intel Corporation, which have further contributed to their confidence and experience.

To succeed in the growing tech ecosystem, learners need to acquire skills and the mindset that will enable them to critically analyze situations and make impactful decisions that will move companies forward.

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Kolapo Imam

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