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Associate of Applied Science in Business

Your rapid route to the global workforce

Can’t wait to kick-start your career? Earn an associate degree in business online to meet today’s employer demands in our standard completion time of 24 months.


Online Associate degree program (AAS)


Invest in your future, not in a campus. Your monthly tuition is automatically adjust to your local market. Plus, pay for the time it takes, not the number of courses. The faster you finish, the more money you’ll save.

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Flexible pace

Learn wherever and whenever you want. Our standard AAS in Business completion time is 24 months. Move at a flexible pace, with eight weeks to complete all six modules in each course.


With 22 courses on offer, choosing your route to the workforce is simple. Master five to seven competencies per course and pick a pathway based on your career goals, with support at every stage.

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What’s an AAS?

An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) in Business is an associate’s degree. As an undergraduate program, it’s the next stage after secondary school. Some learners use it as a platform to progress to a bachelor’s degree: you can stack a Nexford’s fully online AAS program by continuing with our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, for example. Others use an AAS as a foundation to show employers what they’re capable of. Some careers don’t require a bachelor’s degree so it’s worth checking if you need one for your chosen vocation before you make your choice.

Why Earn An Associate Degree in Business From Nexford?

The AAS is one of the fastest ways to kick-start your career. With half the number of credits of a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), you’ll graduate in an standard completion time of 24 months with a degree that tells employers you’re ready right away. If you want to continue your education with Nexford, you can progress directly into our BBA program.

Nexford's curriculum is developed by trusted experts: a combination of global industry specialists, faculty, and professional business organizations. Workforce data tells us what employers want – spend your AAS in Business at an online American university mastering precisely that.

Why learn at Nexford?

Nexford University is designed for a global audience looking to build in-demand skills while earning recognized and accredited credentials. We have reimagined what a modern university experience looks like, torn down the walls of the traditional campus and designed a modern learning experience 100% online. By leveraging technology, we deliver world-class education, at a fraction of the cost of traditional universities. Our programs are future-focused and competency-based, enabling you to build practical skills you will use to get ahead in your career. And with no fixed class times, you can flex your learning to fit your schedule. Tuition fees are charged on a monthly basis, so the faster you graduate the more money you save.

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Industry and employer insights

We surveyed industry leaders who employ more than 2.5 million people worldwide. Executives from the following companies – and many more – participated in our global employer needs survey to help inform our curriculum design.