Bachelor of Business Administration

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Build a strong foundation in real-world business with our affordable, accredited, 100% online BBA.


Online BBA Degree Overview


Invest in your future, not in a campus. Your monthly tuition is calculated in line with your local economy, which ensures you never pay over the odds.

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Flexible pace

Our standard BBA completion time is 48 months. Whatever your commitments, learn at a pace that suits you. The faster you learn, the less you pay.

Courses: 40

With 73 courses on offer, personalizing your bachelor's is easy. Master at least five to seven competencies per course and pick a pathway based on your career goals, with support at every stage.

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Specializations: 8

With eight specializations on offer, a world of choice awaits. Whether you want to build a startup, sit at the helm of a global corporation or become a marketing guru, we have the concentrations to match your goals.

Our BBA provides skills to launch your career to new levels

How will you impress the world’s top recruiters? Stand out from the crowd with Nexford’s fully online Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) — and gain an education which prepares you for this world, not yesterdays.

Aligned with top employer needs, this online bachelor's in business degree equips you with the business-ready, practical expertise to stand out in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace. Discover the latest business tools and emerging future trends as you build the business-ready skills to shape your future.

A Nexford bachelor’s degree is designed for early career professionals. We believe in taking a different path, which is why we offer eight BBA specializations — so that you can stand out from the crowd. Specialize your online BBA program in one of: Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Artificial Intelligence, Product Management, Digital Transformation, and International Business.

Why study a BBA online at Nexford?

To succeed in the hyper-competitive world of modern business, you need to think, analyze and solve problems lightning-fast. Our 100% online American bachelor’s degree (BBA) is accessible from anywhere in the world, and will see you working on the real-life business issues of today: it prepares you for the workplace.

That’s why the curriculum for our online bachelor’s degree has been carefully crafted by industry specialists and business organizations across the globe. It ensures that you’ll graduate ready to hit the ground running, with the skills we know employers need

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At Nexford, you'll do more than just learn. Alongside your studies, you'll receive access to all of our career services: beginning when you enroll, and ending... well, never.

Your career success is at the heart of everything we do. Discover our career services, and see how you'll come away from Nexford with more than just a degree.

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Our education provides real-world career skills

We surveyed industry leaders who employ more than 2.5 million people worldwide. Executives from the following companies – and many more – participated in our global employer needs survey to help inform our curriculum design.

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree: FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions relating to our undergraduate degree program in business:

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree provides you with a comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals of business. You'll learn core concepts in:

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • And more!

Many BBA programs, including Nexford's, allow you to specialize in areas like finance or human resources, tailoring your education to your career goals.

Why get a BBA?

  • Develop in-demand skills: Prepare for success in the modern business world.
  • Boost employability:  A BBA demonstrates your business knowledge and commitment to employers.
  • Versatile foundation:  A BBA opens doors to careers in various fields and industries.

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A Business Administration (BBA) degree provides a versatile foundation for success in the business world. Here's why it's a valuable investment:

  • Opens doors to diverse careers: A BBA prepares you for roles in areas like management, marketing, human resources, finance, operations, and more.
  • Practical knowledge and skills: You'll develop real-world problem-solving skills that you can apply immediately in your career.
  • Increased employability: BBA graduates often enjoy higher employment rates and competitive starting salaries.
  • Strong foundation for an MBA:  A BBA is excellent preparation if you choose to pursue a Master of Business Administration later in your career.

The bottom line: A Business Administration degree empowers you to make an impact in various industries and positions, setting you up for a fulfilling and successful career.

A Business Administration degree opens doors to a wide range of exciting career opportunities! Here are some popular paths:

Management & Leadership:

  • Operations Manager: Oversee daily operations, ensuring efficiency and productivity.
  • Project Manager: Lead teams, manage budgets, and ensure projects are delivered on time.
  • Human Resources Manager:  Recruit, hire, train, and support employees.
  • Management Consultant: Help businesses solve problems, improve performance, and strategize for growth.

Finance & Accounting:

  • Financial Analyst:  Analyze financial data, create budgets, and make investment recommendations.
  • Accountant: Manage financial records, prepare tax filings, and ensure compliance.
  • Auditor: Examine financial statements to ensure accuracy and identify potential risks.

Marketing & Sales:

  • Marketing Manager: Develop marketing strategies, create campaigns, and analyze market trends.
  • Sales Representative:  Build relationships with customers, promote products or services, and close deals.
  • Market Research Analyst:  Collect and analyze data to understand consumer behavior and market trends.

Other possibilities:

  • Entrepreneur: Start your own business, putting your business knowledge into action.
  • Logistics Manager: Oversee supply chain processes, ensuring goods and materials flow smoothly.
  • Data Analyst:  Use data to identify trends, solve problems, and inform business decisions.

Remember:  The specific job you get will depend on your skills, interests, experience, and the industry you choose. A Business Administration degree provides a strong foundation for many fulfilling career paths!