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MSc Degree Programs - Overview


Complete an MSc in an average of 18 months or shorter if you want. The faster you finish, the more money you’ll save.


10-15 hours per week which fits into your work schedule so you can earn while you learn.


Learner-centric, mission driven, 100% online, offering a next-generation learning experience. Regardless of physical location.


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Graduate MS Degrees

  • MSc in Digital Transformation

    MSc in Digital Transformation

    With digital transformation shaping tomorrow's job market, this Master of Science (MSc) in Digital Transformation degree positions you at the epicenter of the tech revolution.

    • Standard completion time: 18 months
    • Build highly valued technical and business skills
    • Access global opportunities and careers
    • Support at every stage
  • MSc in Data Analytics

    MSc in Data Analytics

    The ability to analyze data and make strategic decisions is critical to success in the modern workplace. The MSc in Data Analytics from Nexford empowers you with the technical and business skills needed to lead organizations and unlock the true potential of data.

    • Standard completion time: 18 months
    • Add immediate value to organizations you support
    • Drive influence in strategic decision-making
    • Become a top candidate for high-demand roles
  • MSc in Entrepreneurship

    MSc in Entrepreneurship

    Building a startup is more than just having an idea. Our program will help you maximize your success as a startup founder. You'll get the tools, skills, and networking to thrive. Gain lifelong relationships, essential knowledge, and strategies to drive your startup’s growth and success.

    • Standard completion time: 18 months
    • Get the knowledge you need to refine your startup
    • Attend specialized sessions led by startup experts
    • Pitch your startup to seasoned investors and executives
    • Build connections with leaders in the startup ecosystem
    • Open doors to valuable industry insights, resources, and tools

Our MS programs provide skills to drive your career to new levels

How will your CV stand out in an ever more crowded job market? If you’re not thinking about adding an master of science to yours, you should be: applications to online graduate programs increased by over 43% in 2020.

We’re a next-generation online American university for leaders, not followers. We believe in taking a different path and standing out from the crowd — which is why we offer several MS degrees for today’s world, not yesterday’s.

At Nexford, as an online master of science student, you have the flexibility to focus your online master of science on a specific field of expertise, including digital transformation and data analytics.

Why learn at Nexford?

Perhaps you’re already working. Maybe you’re crafting a business plan. Why put that on hold to do your MS? At Nexford, you can study fully online MS courses and still earn while doing so. And since it's done 100% online, you can learn from any location. Then, when done, demonstrate what you can do, not what you’ve read about.

Workforce data tells us what employers want – spend your MS degree online mastering precisely that with a curriculum developed by trusted experts: a combination of global industry specialists, faculty, and professional business organizations.

When done with your master's degree, you’ll find it easy to apply your work experience to academic concepts that connect with real-world business scenarios, making you a highly valuable working professional for any business.

Our education provides real-world career skills

We surveyed industry leaders who employ more than 2.5 million people worldwide. Executives from the following companies – and many more – participated in our global employer needs survey to help inform our curriculum design.

Nexford career services & development: start with the end in mind

At Nexford, you'll do more than just learn. Alongside your studies, you'll receive access to all of our career services: beginning when you enroll, and ending... well, never.

Your career success is at the heart of everything we do. Discover our career services, and see how you'll come away from Nexford with more than just a graduate degree.