Next-generation learning experience

Learn in-demand job skills, study around your life, and get 24/7 support.


Where you’ll start: Orientation

Your Nexford learning experience starts with orientation no matter what program you take. Orientation is where you get know how Nexford works and how to succeed online. You’ll also meet the success team who will work closely with you.

Orientation opens to you one week before your first course starts and covers:

  • How Nexford courses and academic programs are structured
  • How to interact with the global community and fellow learners
  • How to ask for help from faculty, success advisors and coaches
  • How to navigate your fully online learning environment
  • How to choose the right courses for you including electives and specializations
  • How to use all the resources including LinkedIn Learning and our digital library
  • How to reference important academic and learner conduct policies

How online programs work

Courses are 100% online and start on the first of every month. You’ll study modern content – videos, case studies, audio – keeping you engaged and motivated. No boring pre-recorded lectures or outdated PowerPoint slides. You can preview your course material any time. You’ll learn by tackling real-world challenges faced by top companies with case studies from the likes of Starbucks, Google and Apple. Every course starts by defining what you’ll know how to do by the time you finish it. You’ll keep building practical skills to use in your career.

At Nexford, each course includes six modules, with every module designed to be completed in one week. You’ll have eight weeks to complete your course, and two more weeks to work on your final project. The course pace is flexible, yet structured: you can go as fast or slow as you want as long as you meet assignment deadlines. Remember, the faster you finish, the more money you’ll save in monthly tuition.

Have questions? Speak to a Nexford Application Specialist

Assessment through real-life challenges

At Nexford you won’t be asked to take old-school memory tests, just real-life assessments. Every course includes a number of small assessments during the course, called formative assessments, as well as graded assignments and a final project, called a summative assessment, at the end of the course. Your formative assessments are a great way to ensure you’re on track towards mastering the course’s skills before you reach the final project – they’re also an opportunity to get feedback from faculty.

How you’re assessed at Nexford will prepare you to solve real-life challenges. You’ll create marketing campaigns, value chain analyses, cyberattack defense plans, reports for decision making, business diagrams, pitch decks, and performance appraisals. All tools you can use at work. Personal feedback from faculty will help you build your skills. At the end of each course is the practical final project – proof that you’ve mastered the skills and course goals set out from the start.

How you get 24/7 support

Whenever you need support, faculty, success advisors or coaches are available to help you.


Nexford faculty aren’t like faculty anywhere else. Think of them as your mentors – not “instructors.” They support you, answer your questions, and teach you how to learn. You can attend optional live webinars with faculty and dive deeper into a subject, schedule one-on-one appointments via faculty calendars, and email them any time. Our US and global faculty members provide you with personal feedback on your assessments and an international perspective, helping you grow.

Success Advisors

Right from the start, you’ll receive support from our dedicated group of Success Advisors. Success Advisors will be there for you every step throughout your learning journey. Success Advisors act as your success coach, the person who will help you plan your time and help you understand how to succeed at Nexford. The success advising team will also help you tailor-make your learning journey and choose the right courses, such as electives and specializations, for you. Operating on a 24/7 basis, you’ll always have support via email, chat and video.

I really enjoy the practical learning and curriculum of the MBA program, especially during COVID-19, adapting to new things. At Nexford, I gathered lots of information on how to carry out the transformation of learning, especially in digital literacy skills. I think Nexford is the new demand of education. Nexford is a next-generation learning experience you won't find anywhere else!

Noldy Paneo
Current MBA learner, Indonesia

What’s included in your tuition

Your tuition fees include access to all the tools and material you need – there are no hidden fees.

The essentials

Canvas is our online learning environment, everything you need will be easily accessible within one platform with a single username and password.

  • Course content
  • Interact with other learners
  • Interact with faculty
  • Interact with success advisors
  • Access your online library
  • View deadlines and reminders

Digital library & career resources

Access a fully-stocked and up-to-date digital library that provides you access to a collection of over 60 million resources including resources from Bloomberg, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, IEEE Press, the MIT Press and more.

Microsoft 365 license

While at Nexford you will have your own Microsoft 365 license at no cost. We know employers want you to master tools like Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint so we’ve partnered with Microsoft to offer you Microsoft Office package for the time of your studies.

LinkedIn Learning

While you study at Nexford you’ll have access to 16,000+ expert-led LinkedIn Learning courses at no cost. Show off your skills and earn a certificate when you complete a course. Tailor your learning by choosing relevant courses based on your experience, LinkedIn profile, and goals. Plus, test what you’ve learned with LinkedIn Learning assessments.

IBM Digital Nation Africa (DNA) program

If you’re based in Africa, gain access to IBM’s Digital Nation Africa (DNA) program at no cost. IBM’s DNA program is a digital learning platform that helps the next generation develop skills for careers in areas such as cybersecurity, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Learners love Nexford

Here's what learners, graduates, employers, and faculty want you to know about online education born different for you. Come join the movement. Each month we open our doors to learners from all over the world and then equip them with the skills to help them open the door to a brighter future. 

Graduate with more than a degree

With Nexford, you’ll receive a formal degree just like you would from a traditional university. On top of that, you’ll earn certificates and badges along the way. These credentials are recognition of professional skills you can share on social and networking sites – yes, LinkedIn – as well as your resume. There is no additional cost for these credentials.

On average, earn 5 credentials with an MBA – 4 digital badges, and 1 certificate – watch here. On average, earn 11 credentials with a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) degree – 8 digital badges, and 2 certificates, plus an AAS in Business degree – watch here.

Join a global community from 110+ countries

Nexford’s 100% online courses, certificates, and degrees are designed for leaders, not followers. The world is going digital and opportunities are no longer limited by physical borders. Your degree should prepare you for this world, not yesterday’s. It should be fit for purpose, maximize your employability and open up future opportunities.