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We offer consultations at no cost. Our friendly and experienced Nexford Application Specialists can learn about your requirements, answer questions and review ways Nexford can help you and your goals.

During your 1:1 online consultation, you’ll discover:

  • What makes Nexford unique from other online universities
  • If Nexford is a fit for you
  • Our programs and how to choose the right one based on your goals
Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

See what it's really like as a Nexford learner in action in a private 15-min live demo of our learning platform! Learn first-hand what sets us apart from other online universities at no cost and at a time that suits you.

During your 1:1 online tour, you’ll learn how:

  • You're onboarded as a new Nexford learner
  • To access your course content and engage with faculty
  • Our Success Advisors & Faculty will support you


During a consultation call, our Application Specialist will discuss your career goals and aspirations with you, and then suggest which Nexford program is best suited to your needs. A Virtual Tour is a 15-minute demo of the Nexford Learning Environment, so you can see what it'll actually be like as a Nexford learner!

Yes, absolutely!

Please cancel the meeting as soon as possible. You're able to reschedule at any time.

No — but if you have any questions about Nexford, be sure to have them ready!

The consultation will be by phone, and the Virtual Tour online (either through Zoom or Microsoft Teams)

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