Online MBA with specialization in Fintech & Blockchain

As fintech and blockchain disrupt and redefine the financial landscape, this degree places you at the forefront of this innovation, unlocking transformative global career opportunities and equipping you with a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving financial industry.


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MBA Degree Overview


Complete an MBA with specialization in Fintech & Blockchain in an average of 18 months or shorter if you want. The faster you finish, the more money you’ll save.


15-20 hours per week which fits into your work schedule so you can earn while you learn. 


Learner-centric, mission driven, 100% online, offering a next-generation learning experience. Regardless of physical location.



MBA with specialization in Fintech & Blockchain: Courses

When you take a Nexford MBA with a Specialization in Fintech and Blockchain, you’ll need to complete three specialized courses in addition to 10 core MBA courses. You’ll learn skills based on the latest employer needs and market trends – this is what we call our Workplace Alignment Model – our curriculum is designed to equip you with the skills you need and employers are looking for.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis

    Financial Planning and Analysis is a comprehensive course designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of the principles, methodologies, and tools essential for effective financial planning and analysis in today's dynamic business environment.

    The course focuses on the key components of financial planning, including budgeting, forecasting, financial statement analysis, and valuation. Through a combination of lectures, case studies, and exercises, students will learn how to create strategic financial plans, evaluate investment opportunities, and make data-driven decisions to drive business growth and profitability.

  • Blockchain for Finance

    Blockchain for Finance provides a comprehensive overview of blockchain technology and its applications in the finance industry. You will learn about the fundamental concepts of blockchain, distributed ledger technology, and smart contracts, and explore the characteristics of decentralized systems and how they affect the financial sector.

    The course will cover the different types of blockchain networks, such as public, private, and consortium blockchains, and their relevance to the finance industry.

  • Machine Learning Technology for Finance

    This course aims to provide learners with a deep understanding of the application of machine learning techniques in the financial industry. The course will cover essential concepts, algorithms, and tools used in machine learning for finance, enabling learners to develop and implement innovative financial models and solutions.

    Key topics that will be covered in this course includes financial data preprocessing and feature engineering, supervised learning algorithms for finance, unsupervised learning algorithms for finance, reinforcement learning for algorithmic trading, natural language processing for finance, portfolio optimization and risk management, regulatory compliance and ethical considerations.

Feature engineeringAlgorithms for financeAlgorithmic tradingNLP for financePortfolio optimizationRisk managementRegulatory complianceBlockchainCryptocurrenciesDigital assetsSmart contractsStatement analysisBudgeting and forecastingFinancial valuationFinancial communication

Why choose an MBA with specialization in Fintech & Blockchain

Here are some of the key reasons why learners pursue an MBA with specialization in Fintech & Blockchain:

  • Career Opportunities: As per the Burning Glass Institute, fintech ranks among the top 10 disruptive tech skills, with job growth of 96% over five years from 2020. An MBA program in Fintech and Blockchain allows you to fill this skills gap, amplifying your employability and career growth potential.
  • Disruption and Innovation: Blockchain and fintech have caused a seismic shift in the banking and finance industry, giving birth to new markets and banking opportunities for previously unbanked populations. We've seen from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and others, that these emerging technologies are here to stay. A blockchain MBA provides the knowledge to ride this wave of innovation and disruption.
  • Competitive Advantage: Traditional financial institutions leverage these technologies to enhance efficiency and competitiveness. With this blockchain & fintech MBA, you will be equipped to drive such transformative initiatives, positioning yourself and your organization at the forefront of the industry.
  • Networking Opportunities: The MBA course offers invaluable connections with industry experts, working professionals, fellow students, and academics immersed in the fintech and blockchain space, providing deep insights, collaboration opportunities, and potential career prospects.

Online Fintech & Blockchain MBA - Learning Objectives 

Understand Blockchain & Fintech Ecosystems

Deepen your understanding of blockchain and fintech systems, their interactivity, impacts on the financial industry, and their role in driving innovation.

Lead Fintech Innovation

Develop the ability to strategize, lead, and execute successful fintech and blockchain initiatives within your organization.

Manage Risks in Fintech

Equip yourself to identify and navigate potential risks, threats, and regulatory considerations in the fintech and blockchain landscape.

Promote a Culture of Financial Technological Advancement

Learn to create an environment that encourages financial technological advancement, adapts to rapid change, and leverages emerging fintech and blockchain technologies.

Why learn at Nexford?

Nexford University is designed for a global audience looking to build in-demand skills while earning recognized and accredited credentials. We have reimagined what a modern university experience looks like, torn down the walls of the traditional campus and designed a modern learning experience 100% online. By leveraging technology, we deliver world-class education, at a fraction of the cost of traditional universities. Our programs are future-focused and competency-based, enabling you to build practical skills you will use to get ahead in your career. And with no fixed class times, you can flex your learning to fit your schedule. Tuition fees are charged on a monthly basis, so the faster you graduate the more money you save.

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Build Highly Valued Skills in Blockchain & Fintech

Fintech and blockchain are revolutionizing the finance industry, reshaping how transactions are conducted, markets operate, and financial services function. Our intensive MBA in Blockchain & Fintech equips you with a deep understanding and hands-on skills to leverage these innovations and stay ahead in this fast-evolving landscape.

This online learning programme broadens your knowledge of fintech and blockchain ecosystems, teaches risk management strategies, and enables the development of transformative financial solutions. Ultimately, our aim is to morph you into a visionary leader, capable of utilizing the power of fintech and blockchain to drive success in the rapidly shifting financial industr.

Online MBA in Fintech & Blockchain: Build job-ready skills

95% of our learners gained valuable skills at work.  

A Nexford MBA with specialization in Fintech & Blockchain online is designed for highly motivated professionals ready to kick-start their work lives in finance and technology. To build our programs, we analyzed 30 million jobs and surveyed industry leaders – including those from Microsoft, Citibank, and Unilever.

In-Demand Career Options in Fintech & Blockchain Technology

Financial Advisor

Guide clients on financial strategies. Leverage insights from fintech tools and blockchain assets for informed investment decisions and wealth growth. 

Financial Analyst

Examine financial data, integrating fintech and blockchain trends to forecast business health, advise on investments, and determine market positions.

Product Manager in Fintech

Lead strategy for fintech products, combining technology with finance needs, and ensuring alignment with current blockchain opportunities.

Business Analyst

Gauge business requirements and functionalities in the fintech domain, recommending improvements and leveraging blockchain innovations for better business outcomes.

Project Managers  

Lead fintech and blockchain-driven initiatives, overseeing timely execution, stakeholder alignment, and achievement of key milestones in dynamic financial tech landscapes. 

Quality Assurance Managers

Oversee the testing and validation processes of fintech products for optimal performance and seamless integration of blockchain technologies to meet user needs and regulatory standards. 

Examples of the work you'll be doing within this MBA with specialization in Fintech & Blockchain

  • Analyze the influence of blockchain technologies on financial industry trends and business models.
  • Understand customer needs and market gaps to ideate and create cutting-edge fintech products that bridge these gaps.
  • Implement and manage fintech projects utilizing the latest technological solutions and strategies.
  • Use machine learning and data analytics to inform financial analytics, decision-making and improve customer experiences.
  • Lead organizational adaptation towards a culture that embraces fintech innovation.
  • Optimize fintech product functionalities, focusing on user experience and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Who is the Masters in Fintech & Blockchain For?

Graduates of the postgraduate MBA with specialization in Fintech & Blockchain program combine a thirst for knowledge with a drive to master the latest tools and cutting-edge technologies. The online mba program in fintech and blockchain is designed for those wanting to acquire the problem-solving skills and real-life experience, so they can jump into a career within the field, and also have the soft-skills to progress within a managerial role.

For each course within the Fintech & Blockchain program you should be able to devote approximately 15-20 hours per week for 8 weeks (120-160 hours in total) to complete the coursework, homework assignments, and skills assessments necessary for graduation. In terms of the admissions process, there are eligibility criteria that must be followed:

Learners must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.

Learners must submit proof that they’ve completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

Learners must be proficient in written and spoken English.

Learners must demonstrate the ability to manage their time, communicate effectively with others, and accept constructive criticism.

Learners must complete coursework on a computer.

Learners are expected to demonstrate operating proficiency on a computer.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Fintech & Blockchain: FAQs

Your course starts on the first of the month. Each course consists of six modules, each module will take you one week to complete and each course is designed to take you eight weeks to complete. Nexford’s learning design team has purposefully created courses to equip you with competencies mapped to the skills employers are looking for. Each course has 5-7 learning outcomes based on the skills employers need. Everything you learn gives you measurable skills you will use to succeed in today’s world of work.

The online learning environment contains everything you need to learn at Nexford. The courses are not live or recorded lectures. Instead, they’re reading, videos, interactive elements, quizzes and relevant case studies. Programs include assessments, peer-to-peer discussions, and a final project to practice what you’ve learned in a real-world context. Program content is available 24/7 during the course, and you have opportunities for collaboration and networking with learners during and after your program. Our global community of learners work at top companies such as Microsoft, Deloitte, and Google. Plus, you get a Microsoft 365 license at no extra cost.

You'll have 24/7 access to success advisors to support you. Faculty also provide you world-class support. Book appointments with them, get individual feedback, and attend regular optional webinars. Nexford courses are rigorous and they encourage critical thinking - because we care about what you know how to do not what you know you have regular hands-on assessments reflecting the business world.

Upon graduation, you’ll walk away with a specialization certificate on top of your MBA diploma. Plus, after you graduate, you can even top up your degree up with another specialization – that's two specializations and an MBA degree!

We’re no ordinary university! We make things simple so you can focus on what’s important: your goals! At Nexford, you can start learning straight away and send us your documents later (in exceptional circumstances). If you’re unable to immediately provide us with your transcript or diploma, you can just upload your government-issued ID and pay your application fee.

What happens next? After your first course starts, you’ll have 60 days from enrollment start date to send us your missing information, such as a diploma or grade transcript. 

  • We need proof that you completed a bachelor’s degree at an accredited institution in a business-related field with a valid copy of your official diploma and transcript.
  • To be considered for admission as English Language Proficient to Nexford University graduate programs, you’ll need to provide one of these:
    1. An official transcript from a college or university
    2. A minimum passing score on an approved English qualification exam within the past two years

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