12 Highest Paying Jobs in Kenya 2024 (with Salaries)

July 3, 2024 · 11 min read

In recent years, Kenya has seen some of the biggest economic booms in the continent. The rise of the internet and the push for globalization has caused a positive trend in the country. Several sectors have seen significant infrastructure development over the years and are continuing to grow. Because of this, several high highest-paying jobs in Kenya have now opened up in the labor market.

Whether you are a fresh graduate eager to blaze your own path or someone looking to switch careers and reinvent themselves, this list of the best paying jobs in Kenya is a must read.

Highest Paying Jobs In Kenya 2024 - Top 12

1. Surgeon

Surgery is one of the most paid jobs in Kenya. Surgeons are specialized medical professionals that perform operations on the human body. They can be general surgeons or specialists in a specific body part. The profession requires a high level of skill and grace under pressure. Because of this, medical doctors and surgeons in Kenya are some of the highest-paid professionals in Kenya and the world.

Cardiothoracic Surgeons are paid an average of KSh 20,000,001 yearly. Specialists could earn more. This makes it one of the highest paying jobs in Kenya.

2. Airline Pilot

Commercial Airline Pilots are highly trained professionals that fly airplanes. They are some of the most in demand both locally and internationally. They undergo intensive training to ensure that they have the necessary skill set to safely operate an aircraft. Commercial flying can include passenger flights as well as cargo and long-haul flying.

They can earn up to KSh 5,000,000 yearly on average.

Kenyan Airline Pilot

3. Architect

Architecture is known as one of the most lucrative professions in the world. They design infrastructures from small homes to large multi-floor buildings. Every public infrastructure project starts with architects drawing up plans and designs. They make sure that the client's needs while keeping the project within budget. They are an integral part of nation-building and economic growth.

They earn KSh 733,913 on a yearly average.

4. Lawyers

The practice of law is one of the better paying careers in Kenya. Professional lawyers in Kenya are able to work in different sectors such as government, private institutions, or private practice. To practice law in Kenya, you have to finish a 4 to 6-year degree from any of the accredited law schools in the country. then you have to pass the bar exams to be certified.

Lawyers can earn up to KSh 780,000 a year.

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5. Marketing Directors

These professionals are in charge of an organization's entire marketing strategy. They conduct comprehensive market research to find out what their target customers want. They take note of market trends and opportunities to make appropriate marketing plans. They are also expected to be able to handle a team of professionals to effectively carry out their marketing strategies.

They can earn up to KSh 4,272,932 a year on average, making it one of the highest paying jobs in Kenya.

6. Chief Executive Officer

Chief executive Officers or CEOs are the highest executives in any organization. They are responsible for achieving a company's goals by making sound business decisions. They are also expected to make sure that all departments are running efficiently and in line with the interest of the shareholders.

They are some of the top paying jobs in Kenya with an average of up to KSh 4,200,000 yearly. No wonder this makes it one of the most lucrative jobs in Kenya today. 

7. University Lecturer

The academe is one of the biggest and oldest institutions on the planet. Lecturers and professors are tasked to educate learners attending various universities. They are also expected to do research work to further advance their field of study. They are sometimes given scholarships and grants to further their education or continue their research.

In Kenya, lecturers are paid an average yearly salary of KSh 1,200,000.

8. Information Technology Officer

Information technology officers are well-rounded professionals. In small organizations, they are expected to wear many hats. They work as office support personnel, network administrators, and tech support among others. In larger organizations, they can function in a more specialized role.

It is a highly paid entry-level career with an average of KSh 748,651 a year.

Kenyan IT Expert

9. Software Engineer

Software Engineering is yet another great tech-based career. Unlike IT officers, software engineers focus on software design and development. They build and maintain custom software solutions for a company's various needs. They can either be internal developers, exclusive to their organization, or external, catering to the company's clients.

They earn a yearly average of KSh 1,202,133.

10. Bank Manager

Finance and Banking are great industries to get into in Kenya. It is one of the most lucrative industries in the country. banking managers are professionals that are responsible for a bank's daily activities. They are expected to run the bank efficiently through sound decision-making. They are also responsible for managing the employees and overseeing important aspects like security and customer experience.

On average, they earn KSh 2,048,785 yearly, which is why it's one of the best paying jobs in Kenya.

11. Actuary

Risk assessment and management are important in any business. For companies, taking risks is essential for growth. But reckless risk-taking can be catastrophic if not done correctly. Actuaries are professionals that deal with risk and risk management. They are adept at understanding risks, weighing their pros and cons, and mitigating their consequences. They provide valuable and actionable insights for organizations.

They are known to earn an average yearly salary of KSh 2,342,196, making it a very high paying career in Kenya.

12. Accountants

Effective management of funds is integral in any organization. Accountants are some of the key figures in making sure that finances are handled effectively. They are trained in assessing cash flows, pinpointing inefficiencies, and identifying any anomalous expenditures in the system. They are thorough and detail-oriented which helps them effectively carry out their duties. This could also be a stepping stone to landing a Chief Financial Officer role in the future.

In Kenya, they earn an average salary of KSh 486,167 a year.


While it may seem to be quite a challenge to land a top paying job in Kenya, it certainly is not impossible!

With perseverance, preparation, audacity, and a bit of luck it is not a far-off dream. As with any daunting task, it only takes a bit of courage to show up and actually do the work needed to succeed. Next thing you know, you'll have that high paying career in Kenya that you've been dreaming of.

If you're looking to expand expand your skillset and develop a successful career that you're passionate about, it's crucial that you acquire the right skills, in an attainable time-period.

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FAQs about the highest paying jobs in Kenya

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs Without A Degree?

If you are working on a degree at the moment and want a job in the meantime, here are a few high-paying jobs that you can do even without a degree:


Blog writing is a popular way to earn money online. There will always be a demand for written content as tons of people use the internet. All you need is a trusty laptop, a good internet connection, and your drive to write. You can pretty much talk about any interest you want. If you grow your brand enough, you can even turn this into a full-time career.

Social Media Manager

Many companies and brands are turning towards social media as a way to increase their reach and build a community. But the sheer number of social media platforms out there can be overwhelming to handle especially for smaller teams. Doing Social Media Management freelance is a great way to cater to this growing market. As an SMM, you are tasked to manage the many social media pages, schedule posts, moderate the discussions, and answer queries done by the community.

Tour Guide

Kenya is a popular destination for tourists from around the world. Kenyan tourism is known for its ecotourism and cultural tourism initiatives. People from around the world flock to the country and experience its rich culture and history. As a tour guide, you help these tourists by giving them a curated look into the many interesting spots in the country. Answer all questions as well as direct tourists to interesting spots along the tour. If you want a side gig that pays well even without a degree, consider being a tour guide.

How To Get High Paying Careers & Jobs In Kenya?

While there is no surefire way to land your dream job, you can still increase your odds significantly. Here are a few things you can do to do just that.

Leverage your network

The key to getting great opportunities is all about positioning. If you want to break into a certain field, your best bet is to position yourself in a way that opportunities get to you easier. One way to effectively position yourself is through networking. A simple way to start networking is to simply look at the people you know. Chances are, you might already know someone who has a career in your desired industry. All you need to do is reach out and strike up a conversation.  Another great way to network is to simply join social media groups and pages related to your field of choice. There you can meet other like-minded individuals and join in on discussions. More often than not, some of these people will advertise any vacancies in these groups. Simply engage professionally and always be open to connecting.

Do your research

As the saying goes, knowing is half the battle. Doing your complete and thorough research is a great way to increase your chances of getting hired. There are two major things to research: companies you want to get hired by and the latest industry news.

Understanding a potential employer is key to nailing that interview. Research the company's track record as well as work culture. Know if their values fit with you. Also, look into their benefits and compensation package. Some might give better benefits than others. Finally, look into the role that they want to be filled. Understand the responsibilities and make sure that you are able to meet them.

Keeping up to date with the latest industry news is also a good habit. This can be a great source of opportunities and learning experiences. 

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Learn relevant skills

Finally, you need to have the necessary skills to thrive in your chosen career. Skills are broadly categorized into two groups: hard and soft skills. Hard skills are technical skills that you actually need in a specific job. Good examples would be using CAD software for architects or Python coding for software engineers. Soft skills are abstract skills that are not necessarily tied to a specific field. Thus, they are applicable to many areas ad can be easily transferred. These include communication, teamwork, and problem-solving among others.

Kenyan learning new career skills

What Skills Do You Need To Land Well Paying Jobs In Kenya?

There are a number of high income skills in Kenya which are needed to land a well-paid job. These include both soft and hard skills, of which are:


In every industry or job, the ability to effectively communicate is a valued skill. Being able to express thoughts in a way that's easy to understand helps keep workflow running smoothly. It minimizes errors due to miscommunication, ensures instructions are clearly understood, and it helps build a healthy working environment. In highly technical fields, being able to communicate in clear and digestible terms would highly increase your odds of landing a good high salary job.

Technical Skills

Having an in-demand technical skill is one of the simplest ways to get started on a well paying job in Kenya today. Highly specialized fields like Medicine, Data Security, or Engineering are known to pay more. The more specialized and experienced you are the more the pay and demand increase. If you plan to break into these fields, having the correct set of certifications and qualifications is key. Most of them would require at least a Batchelor's degree. Some, like Cybersecurity, would require further certifications and training. 


Career advancement in any industry almost always includes managerial responsibilities. Organizations are always on the lookout for promising individuals who are able to lead teams to handle certain projects. These leaders are able to motivate, handle, and inspire their team members to meet their goals.


In today's fast-paced work landscape, being adaptable is a must. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and there are always many changes happening. Being able to comfortably adapt to these changes is a definite advantage. Adaptability lets you transition your skillset without much downtime. This gives you an edge, especially in highly technical fields.

Collaborative skills

Being able to work within a team effectively is yet another must-have skill. In any career, you are expected to be able to work and contribute with other professionals like you. Being a team player means you should be able to discuss with others openly. You must be comfortable with brainstorming ideas and working with each other's strengths. 

Time Management

Workplaces, especially in highly technical fields, can get hectic. Sometimes you need to handle multiple tasks at a time or switch between them multiple times. Missing even a single deadline can mean an entire project gets delayed causing the company to lose resources. Knowing how to effectively plan and execute tasks in a timely manner is certainly a major advantage.


This is a major skill that anyone should have. During your career, you will face obstacles that need to be addressed. They can be minor inconveniences to major problems that could negatively impact your work. Knowing how to creatively solve these problems is crucial to be successful. All high-level positions especially managerial roles require good problem-solving skills to thrive.

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