Is Energy a Good Career Path

Over the last decade, technology development and innovation have been at an all-time high. And what powers all this is the Energy Sector.

There has never been a better time to get a great career in this rapidly growing field. In this article, we talk about some of the most promising careers in the energy industry.

Why you should get into the energy sector

The Energy industry is one of the biggest industries on the planet. Most of the human civilization’s technological marvels of today would be nonexistent if not for the men and women of the industry. Here are a few reasons why you should consider a career in the Energy sector:

Work in the cutting edge of technology

Because the world’s energy demand is only ever-growing, large investments are made for innovation. This is why the industry is at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. If you want to be right in the middle of new and emerging technology, this is the place to be.

A chance to work in different countries

Due to its universal demand, careers in the Energy industry go beyond borders. This gives you a great opportunity to bring innovation and progress to the different parts of the world. This also allows you to connect with some of the brightest minds from around the world.

Work with other highly professional and talented individuals

Speaking of the brightest minds, the energy industry is also a hotbed of talent from all over the world. Because of its highly technical nature, there is no surprise that it attracts brilliant professionals in STEM. Here you get to collaborate with some of the best and brightest from different fields.

Help save the planet

The recent shift to Renewable Energy is a chance to help save and protect the environment. Over the years, there has been a growth in wanting to provide solutions to the world’s energy demand that would not impact the planet’s biodiversity. Getting a career in the energy sector lets you participate in this movement hands-on.

Do impactful work

Powering the world also means powering the millions of lives across the planet. This makes an industry so vital in today’s modern world. It is also, arguably, the most impactful. With a career in the sector, you are directly or indirectly touching and empowering the lives of people. Without you, the world as we know it would grind to a halt.

Careers in the Energy Sector

Now that we’ve inspired you, there’s only one thing left to do: picking which career to take. The Energy Industry is a broad and multi-disciplinary field. It takes some of the best minds from different areas of expertise to drive the whole industry. Here are a few careers you might want to check out:


Power generation needs an incredible amount of research and study into it. In the past, energy generators sought help from Geophysicists to look for oil deposits underground. These days, as demand for green energy rises, Geoscientists are tasked to help bring Geothermal energy facilities to life. They are responsible for surveying potential locations and assessing the viability of potential power generation facilities in the area.

Civil Engineer

Building energy generation facilities require massive infrastructure works. Buildings and the roads that lead to them have to be built. That is why Civil Engineers play a crucial role in the Energy sector. They are responsible for ensuring that the built structures are up to the highest standards and pass the strict building codes.

Energy Lawyer

These law practitioners specialize in laws in the energy industry. They perform a myriad of legal services for the industry such as representing companies in court, representing businesses in negotiations, and drafting contracts. They also act as advisers and consultants for regulatory compliance. They also usually act as representatives and spokespeople during press conferences or other media appearances.

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Nuclear Engineer

Nuclear energy generation is one of the most reliable and sustainable power generation technology these days. That is why research and development are continually pooled for its development. That is why Nuclear Engineers are highly sought after in the industry. They help run nuclear power plants as safely and securely as possible.

Human Resource Officer

Though automation is playing a huge role in many industries across the world, the human element is still very much present. A Human Resources Officer’s job is to attract new talented individuals and to help them thrive in the industry. They provide solutions to personnel needs as well as help in their training and skills development.

Sustainability Consultants

These sustainability-focused professionals are tasked with keeping companies in line with their sustainability goals. They are responsible to advise companies on what to do to further these goals as well as offering solutions to sustainability problems. They monitor the company’s performance on the matter and point out inefficiencies or points to improve upon.

Careers in renewable energy

Renewable Energy is the future. That is why the world is slowly but surely pivoting towards greener and more sustainable power generation alternatives. This allows people looking for a career in Energy to take advantage of this boom. Here are some good career choices in the renewables industry:

Solar Energy Technician 

Installing and maintaining solar panels and other renewable energy requires technical know-how. That is why highly trained and skilled technicians are in demand these days. They help a wide client base install, repair, and maintain their solar energy systems, from small rooftop installations to large solar farms.

Wind Turbine Technician 

Wind Turbine Technicians are to wind turbines as Solar Energy Technicians are to solar panels. These professionals are responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining wind turbines. Unlike their solar energy system counterparts, who can work on smaller home installations, Wind turbine technicians usually work in large wind power farms.

Renewable Energy Consultant 

Renewable energy is a relatively new concept to the general consumer. Renewable Energy Consultants help out clients choose the best renewable energy solution for their needs. They assess, evaluate, and form a comprehensive renewable energy system that’s tailored to the present and future needs of a client.

Green Energy Auditor

Much like Renewable Energy Consultants, Green Energy Auditors help clients with their renewable energy needs. This is through assessing their energy consumption and the efficacy of their green energy system in place. They also make detailed recommendations on how to make this system more efficient and reliable.


True to its multi-disciplinary nature, the Renewable Energy sector draws in tablets from seemingly unconventional sources. One of which is the field of Chemistry. Chemists are tasked to solve problems mostly in energy storage. They are also providing solutions for developing more efficient photovoltaic cells to make solar energy much more efficient.

Careers in renewable energy engineering

Renewable Energy Engineering is a sub-niche of the whole Renewable Energy movement. The renewable energy sector faces many technical problems and difficulties. They require the expertise of engineers from various fields of study to address these. These people create solutions that consistently improve technology and pave the way for innovation.

Renewable Energy Engineer 

These professionals are the primary drivers of the Renewable Energy sector. They are tasked to develop and design equipment, tools, and other technical needs for green energy generation. They can work on various renewable energy types such as hydroelectric power plants, solar energy farms, and even wave energy power plants.

Science Researchers 

Researchers are perhaps the unsung heroes of the Renewable Energy movement. They help bring forth all the renewable energy tech that we use today and continue to do so. They have been responsible for most of the advances and innovations have done since their inception. Their work is what drives progress and growth in the industry.

Industrial Engineer 

Renewable energy is a series of complex processes to work. Technologies, processes, and personnel must all work seamlessly. This is where Industrial Engineers come in. They are tasked to devise and implement strategies and solutions to maximize efficiencies wherever they are needed. They apply engineering principles as well as Science and Mathematics to solve these problems.

Environmental Engineer 

The main essence of renewables is little to no environmental impact when producing energy. That is why companies frequently work with Environmental Engineers. They primarily design solutions to any environmental challenges that a renewable energy power plant may face. They also serve as consultants concerning any and all environmental regulations and certifications.

High-paying jobs in renewable energy

Being at the forefront of technological innovation also has its perks. One such is the potential for landing a high-paying and highly rewarding career. While helping to power the world and driving human innovation forward is in and of itself a reward, it is great to be paid accordingly for your efforts. Here are a few high-paying jobs that you might want to consider:

Solar Engineer 

These professionals specialize in the solar energy systems niche. They provide innovative and efficient solutions for pressing issues in the solar energy field. They are responsible for designing new technologies that improve upon the existing tech. They are essentially highly skilled and specialized problem solvers. Their average yearly income is $72,651 per year.

Renewable Energy Software Developer 

These professionals help design, develop, maintain, and troubleshoot all the necessary software in the renewable energy industry. They help companies make firmware, codes, and other software needed to run and operate machines. They collaborate with engineers and technicians regularly to make sure that hardware and software are running seamlessly. Their average yearly salary is $68,228.

Green Construction Manager 

Renewable Energy is but a part of an overarching push for Green technology. This means that anything and everything related to renewable energy production must adhere to Green Tech standards. This includes operations, maintenance, and even construction of the facilities. This is where a Green Construction Manager comes in. They supervise construction projects and strictly enforce Green standards before, during, and after each construction. Their annual salary on average is $65,354.

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How to get started in renewable energy careers

As stated above, there is a multitude of career options in this vast industry. This makes getting in quite straightforward. But to increase your chances of landing your dream career in renewable energy, there are a few things you can do:

Keep up with industry news 

“Know your enemy” as the adage goes. This works with any undertaking just like landing a job in the energy sector. This means you need to be updated with any industry news and events. Keep yourself informed of the latest developments. This serves two things: it lets you understand the industry more while keeping you informed about potential opportunities.

Harness the power of Social Media 

This new tool brought about by the internet age is a great way to increase your chances of landing a job. Social networks for professionals like LinkedIn are a good way to meet and connect with other professionals in the field. Use this platform to engage in related topics and connect with others. This simple act can open many doors if you play your cards right.

Be involved in annual events 

As with other industries, the Renewable Energy sector holds regular events regularly. This includes expos, conventions, and other large-scale events. This is an opportunity to learn more about what’s happening in the industry as well as network with other professionals. This is also a great way to improve your technical skills using training and seminars.

Enroll in relevant courses 

One of the tried and tested ways to get a career in the energy sector is to get a relevant degree. This can be a bit of a challenge for most since your local university might not offer these courses. Fortunately, there are online universities where you can study right from the comfort of your home. One such institution is Nexford University.

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