10 Highest Paying Federal Government Jobs In Nigeria 2024

Joe McGoldrick
May 3, 2024 · 9 min read

Are you looking to build a successful career in the federal government in Nigeria? If so, you might look into which federal jobs pay the most.

Whether you're just starting or looking to make a career change, this post will highlight Nigeria's top 10 highest paying federal government jobs. We've researched and gathered all the details you need to know about these high-paying federal jobs.

Highest Paying Federal Government Jobs in Nigeria - Top 10

1. Nigerian Port Authority

The Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) is the agency of the federal government that oversees and runs the major ports of the country. They control the ports of Nigeria which include the Lagos Port Complex, Tin Can Island Port and Calabar Port among others.

They employ various professionals such as Deck Cadets NGN 3,000,000, Instrumentation Engineers NGN 2,000,000, and Cargo Handlers NGN 720,000.

2. Central Bank of Nigeria

The Central Bank of Nigeria or CBN is the highest monetary governing body in Nigeria. The agency handles all monetary and banking concerns of the country which includes regulation of banks, minting of legal tender, and maintaining reserves. Their primary function is to promote and foster a safe and sound financial climate in Nigeria.

They employ various professionals in the sector such as Office Clerks NGN 425,000, Loan Officers NGN 564,000, and Bank Managers NGN 9,521,500 among others.

3. Energy Commission of Nigeria

The ECN or Energy Commission of Nigeria is the governmental body that oversees the Nigerian energy sector. They are in charge of regulating and implementing policies in the energy production and distribution industry.

They employ workers such as Industrial Engineers NGN 3,450,000, Renewable Energy Engineers NGN 3,696,900, and Skilled Welders NGN 890,000 among others.

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4. Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation or NNPC is a corporation that is responsible for the nation's oil and gas resources. They handle exploration, refinement, storage, and the sale of petroleum products for local and international markets. As oil is a precious resource, a job in the NNPC is one of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

They employ a wide variety of talent including Petroleum Engineers NGN 5,824,000, Skilled Technicians NGN 1,318,000, and Sales Managers NGN 5,595,507 among others. Therefore, making them some of the highest paying government jobs in Nigeria.

5. Bank of Industry

The Bank of Industry or BOI is Nigeria's oldest Development Finance Institution. A DFI is a financial institution that invests in small private businesses by providing capital. Their main goal is to foster economic growth by simulating small enterprises.

As the largest DFI, the BOI employs many workers including Banking Officers NGN 920,000, Loan Officers NGN 564,000, and Office Clerks NGN 425,000.

6. Federal Inland Revenue Service 

The Federal Inland Revenue Service or FIRS is the government agency responsible for collecting and accounting for taxes in Nigeria. They are also the agency involved in the enforcement of tax laws and policies as well as the investigation of potential violations. They also educate the public on current taxation guidelines and policies of the government.

They hire Accountants NGN 1,407,622, Tax Accountants NGN 5,000,000, and Human Resources Officers for NGN 1,200,872. As you can see, a tax accountant is one of the highest-paying federal government careers on the list.

7. Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) is the federal agency responsible for maritime safety and security in Nigeria. The agency promotes the development of local commercial shipping as well as regulates shipping activities in Nigeria. It also ensures the country's compliance with international maritime laws.

They employ Office Staff NGN 370,042, Safety Officers NGN 1,207,147, and Marine Engineers NGN 1,740,000.

8. Bureau of Public Enterprises

The Bureau of Public Enterprises (BPE) is a government agency responsible for implementing the Nigerian government's policy on the privatization and commercialization of public enterprises. The BPE aims to improve the performance of these enterprises by making them more efficient and effective through private-sector participation.

They employ Managers for NGN 2,784,670, Investment Analysts NGN 1,800,000, and Business Development Officers NGN 1,208,955.

9. Nigerian Communication Commission

The Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) is the independent regulatory body for the Nigerian telecommunications industry. Its responsibilities include allocating frequency spectra, regulating tariffs and quality of service, and protecting consumer interests, among others.

They employ Network Engineers NGN 1,500,000, Electrical Engineers NGN 1,235,236, and Project Managers NGN 3,709,512.

10. Nigeria in Diaspora Commission

The Nigeria in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) is a government agency that coordinates and promotes the engagement of Nigerians living abroad in national development initiatives. It also provides support to Nigerians living abroad who wish to invest in Nigeria or participate in the country's socio-economic development. They employ Diaspora Engagement Officer and Diaspora Outreach Coordinator among others.

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FAQs - Highest Paying Government Jobs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the best paying federal government agencies in Nigeria and the careers available.

Types Of Federal Occupations In Nigeria

Administrative and Managerial

These federal jobs involve overseeing the work of other federal government workers, planning and implementing policies, and ensuring the smooth operation of government agencies. Examples include directors, managers, and executives.

Technical and Professional

These jobs require specialized knowledge, skills, and qualifications in a particular field. These are fields such as engineering, medicine, law, or accounting. These professionals are responsible for providing technical support, advice, and services to government agencies.

Information Technology

These are federal jobs that involve government employees designing, developing, and maintaining information systems and technology infrastructure. Examples include software developers and network administrators.

How To Get High Paying Government Jobs In Nigeria

Network consistently

A great way to land opportunities is through your professional connections. Knowing the right people in the industry of your choice is a great resource to have. You not only get to mingle with colleagues in the industry but also access resources and opportunities that are hard to get as an outsider. It is also a great way to build credibility and reputation in your chosen field.

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Be on the lookout for positions

Opportunities don't usually land on one's lap. One has to actively seek them out in the wild. As federal positions are some of the most sought-after in the country, being proactive can be the difference between landing the role or missing out. Your network is a great way to get wind of these opportunities. Government websites and department job boards are also great places to keep tabs.

Learn the right skills

Finding opportunities is one thing but actually, but qualifying is another. Learning crucial hard and soft skills makes preparing for federal positions easier. Government agencies are looking for competent professionals who can perform the needed tasks for the position and have the potential to grow. If you arm yourselves with the right skills—like Leadership and People Management, two of the high income skills in Nigeria, you increase your chances of getting noticed and standing out from other aspirants.

Have your papers in order

Working for the federal government entails stringent vetting and qualifying process. Having your paperwork in order is crucial to have a smooth and hassle-free application. While different agencies might require additional documents, a few are required for all. This includes your Original Birth Certificate, a valid form of identification like your passport or other government-issued ID, and your Certificate of Origin.

Get a degree

While having a degree is not a hard requirement, it does raise your chances of landing one. The government is always looking for highly-competent workers who show an aptitude for the tasks assigned. Having a degree under your belt is a great way to show that you are prepared and equipped to handle the job tasks. It also shows commitment and dedication on your part.

Why Is It Beneficial To Gain An BBA/MBA Degree

Hones managerial and leadership skills

In the program, students are regularly exposed to various business aspects. Often these are done through group work where students are expected to collaborate with other students. These scenarios help students develop their leadership and managerial skills. These also help students become effective team players, something that's highly valued in the business. These skills are crucial in the real world.

It opens doors to many potential career paths

Having a BBA or MGBA degree prepares you for a path in business. These skills and knowledge are industry agnostic and are therefore relevant in many fields. This flexibility allows students to learn necessary skills and know-how without fear of being constrained to a particular industry. This also allows them to be fluid with their career path, something that technical degrees can't provide.

Personal and professional growth

If you come from a technical background, a BBA or an MBA helps you grow professionally. Having technical skills is sometimes not enough when climbing the ranks. Often, one is expected to handle teams of subordinates on top of admin tasks. A BBA trains you to become effective leaders and managers, therefore, allowing you to excel more in your new tasks.

An excellent place to jumpstart your professional network

In BA school, you get to jumpstart your professional network. As mentioned above, building your network is essential, and building your network early gives you a headstart. In the program, you not only meet fellow students, but you also get to meet professors and industry leaders. These connections are a treasure trove of advice, mentorship, and potential work opportunities.

Added leverage for higher pay

A BBA or an MBA on your resume is a great way to leverage for higher pay. These programs are some of the sought-after programs in the country. Having these under your belt makes you more desirable to potential employers. They also put you in a position to negotiate for a higher salary packages.


In conclusion, the federal government in Nigeria offers a range of high-paying job opportunities that can provide a secure and rewarding career path.

From administrative and technical roles to information technology positions, the top 10 top paying federal government jobs in Nigeria provide a variety of options to suit different skill sets and interests.

By exploring these career paths, you can gain valuable insights into the opportunities available and make an informed decision about your future career.

So why not take the first step towards a lucrative federal government career today?

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Having the knowledge and skills in areas like management and strategic planning, you can stand out as a high-value employee and position yourself for promotions and salary increases. Invest in your future and explore the opportunities that a BBA/MBA degree can bring.

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