Top 10 High Income Skills in Nigeria 2024

Joe McGoldrick
July 13, 2024 · 12 min read

In today’s global economy, having the right skill set is crucial. Decades ago, it was enough to have a few solid technical skills on your belt and you’re set for life. These days, technical skills aren’t the only factor that determines success.

But what exactly are the most important, high-income skills in Nigeria that you should learn in 2024? This blog post will discuss all of this.

To be successful in the modern day, a person is required to have a combination of hard and soft skills, which are transferable and high in demand. This is important for any industry. Fortunately, learning a new skill is easier than ever! With the power of the internet, one can learn quite a few useful skills in Nigeria or wherever and whenever one wants. But what exactly are hard and soft skills and why should you care?

Hard and Soft Skills: what exactly are they?

Skills are broadly divided into two types: Hard and Soft. They are determined based on how you learned them and how you use them. Hard skills are skills you learn through hands-on experience. They are usually what people mean when they say skills. They are more tangible and defined than soft skills. Examples of hard skills are carpentry, language skills, machining, content writing, and painting. Soft skills, on the other hand, are a bit looser. Like hard skills, they can be taught and learned over time but they are much more tied to your personality than your physical abilities. Because of this, they tend to be much more fluid and transferable than hard skills. Soft skills include communication, leadership, negotiation, persuasion, and teamwork. A good rule of thumb is to think about hard skills as manual skills while soft skills are mental skills.

High Income Skills in Nigeria 2024 - Top 10

Now that you know what skills are, here are 10 of the most examples of high income skills in Nigeria that you should consider: 

1. Technology Skills

With the increasing reliance on technology in many industries due to the digital age we live in, professionals with technical skills such as software development, data analysis, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity are in high demand.

The global economy has never been as connected as today. Individuals that are well-versed in current and emerging tech have an advantage over others. They can leverage their skills in various fields as they are some of the most transferable skill sets one can have. Examples are computer skills (MS Office, Web Design & Development), typing, online research, repair, etc. Technology skills are undoubtedly some of the most lucrative and high-income skills to learn in Nigeria, with technology being the backbone of many industries. Moving forward, as businesses and individuals become more reliant on technology, those with the right skills can find themselves in high demand, resulting in higher overall earnings. Whether you’re looking to start a business or find a new job, having the right technology skills can be profitable and open up a world of possibilities.

Software Engineering⁠—a technology skills-intensive career – can earn up to NGN 439,500 per month on average in Nigeria.

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2. Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales professionals are essential for any business, as they help to promote products and services and drive revenue. Today in this digital world, platforms like social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as video sharing services like Youtube and Tiktok are becoming the biggest marketing avenue in the world. Digital marketing professionals with extensive social media marketing, copywriting, email marketing, search engine optimization and paid advertising (like Facebook and Google Ads) experience are in a position to earn significantly because of this. It’s also important for digital marketers to learn conventional sales, with it being one of the most profitable, in-demand skills which anyone can learn.

Marketing professionals in NIGERIA earn about NGN 455,000 a month on average.

3. Financial Management

Financial management skills are highly sought after in Nigeria, as businesses and individuals need to manage their finances effectively to achieve success.

These professionals also help individuals and organizations make sound financial decisions that help maximize financial growth while mitigating or avoiding losses. A competence here will likely result in earning more money.

Financial Advisors can earn an average of NGN 231,000 per month in Nigeria.

4. Project Management

Project management skills are necessary for coordinating and organizing projects and ensuring that they are completed on time and within budget. In today’s world, highly effective project managers are at the heart of every business and economic process. They make sure that projects run smoothly within budget and on time while maximizing team productivity. A project’s success is in part due to effective management by these professionals.

Project managers or similar roles can potentially earn NGN 828,000 monthly on average depending on which industry.

5. Leadership and People Management

Strong leadership and management skills are essential for those looking to advance their careers, as they enable individuals to effectively lead and motivate teams.

These skills are highly fluid and are important in all industries. Good leaders and managers can make a huge difference in a company or business’s success and growth. They enable the business to maximize profits as well as tackle any issues that may arise along the way.

typical manager’s average income in Nigeria is about NGN 425,000 per month.

6. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

The ability to communicate effectively and build strong relationships with colleagues and clients is crucial in any profession. In the modern business landscape, communication lies at the heart of every business. Effective written and verbal communication makes sure that processes run smoothly and efficiently. Communication is all about making meaningful connections from colleagues on a project to businesses and their markets. Therefore, improving your verbal and writing skills will make you a more effective communicator.

Communications Specialists in NIGERIA can get up to NGN 425,000 a month while Public Relations Officers can earn a monthly average of NGN 500,000.

7. Entrepreneurial Skills

With the increasing number of small businesses in Nigeria, entrepreneurial skills such as innovation, risk-taking, and problem-solving are in high demand.

Start-up culture is becoming a global trend these days. Young aspiring entrepreneurs are setting out to build businesses that provide solutions to modern-day problems. These entrepreneurial skills help these innovators to thrive amidst the challenges of founding and growing a start-up. If you plan on building your own company⁠—or becoming an intrapreneur in an existing one⁠—these skills are a must, and will lead to you making more money.

8. Legal Skills

Lawyers and legal professionals are highly sought after in Nigeria, as they help businesses and individuals navigate the complex legal landscape. Along the course of a business’s lifespan, conflicts are bound to arise. Legal professionals are the experts that help in reaching an amicable resolution to these conflicts. They are also responsible for handling matters such as intellectual property, patents, and public relations among others. These skills are perfect if you want to build a career that deals with litigation, regulations, and policies.

typical Lawyer’s average income in Nigeria is around NGN 475,000.

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9. Medical and Healthcare Skills

The healthcare sector is growing rapidly in Nigeria and professionals with medical and healthcare skills such as nursing, medicine, and pharmacy are in high demand.

They also provide health services to make sure that the populace is in relatively good condition. With the aftermath of a global pandemic, there is a need for more professionals.

Medical Doctor in NIGERIA can earn NGN 500,000 monthly on average.

10. Education and Teaching

Educators and trainers are essential for the development of the next generation, and those with strong teaching skills are highly sought after in Nigeria. They provide training to future workers, professionals, and entrepreneurs in the country. They are also responsible for providing mentorship that would help students in gaining relevant skills and experience needed in the real world.

Senior Lecturer in NIGERIA earns about NGN 452,500 monthly on average.

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High demand skills in Nigeria

In addition to the high-income skills listed above, other skills are in high demand in Nigeria. These include engineering skills, accounting skills, and design skills. As the economy continues to grow and evolve, the demand for these and other skills is likely to increase. These skills are also great options though acquiring them may need significant time and resources. Highly technical skills like engineering are subject to governmental regulation and require you to invest in schooling and training. Skills like design, on the other hand, require good real-world experience for you to thrive.

How can you acquire these skills

Having appropriate expertise is one of the most effective strategies for securing the career of your dreams. In the business world of today, degrees (such as AASBBA & MBA), certifications, and many other credentials continue to hold a significant amount of weight. As we’ve mentioned, they are frequently needed, especially in highly technical fields, and oftentimes required. The online resources provided by Nexford University will guide you in selecting the appropriate career path for you and assisting you in acquiring the skills necessary to pursue that path. Their cutting-edge educational strategy is geared toward assisting you in acquiring the appropriate skills using a platform that is user-friendly and easy to use. Please visit if you would like further information. 


This section will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to high income skills to learn in Nigeria In particular, how to choose the right skill to learn, where to learn these competencies and which skillset offers the ability to work remotely/from home.

How to choose the right high income skill for you

When choosing a high income skill, one needs to do a significant amount of research and self-reflection. There are key factors that one should consider in order to maximize your learning and avoid mistakes along the way. Be deliberate in considering your options and be thorough when researching. Here are things you must do when deciding which skills to pick up:

1. Know your interests and passions: Choose a high paying skill that aligns with your interests and passions, as you will likely be more motivated and dedicated to learning and mastering it. This motivation is crucial to keep you engaged even if you stumble upon difficulties while learning. Learning a skill in a field that you are passionate about also lets you appreciate the field more and gain a deeper understanding of it.

2. Consider the learning curve: Pick a skill that you can learn within a reasonable amount of time. It may be tempting to choose a high paid skill that requires a lot of training, but if it takes too long to learn, it is not a practical choice. You need to find a balance of demand and learning time to maximize your earning potential. You want something that won’t take much time still potentially lucrative.

3. Understand the demand for the skill: Demand is the ultimate determining factor on if a skill is high paying or not. High demand equals potentially high pay. Research the demand for the skill in your area and industry. If there is large demand for the skill, you may be able to command a higher income for your services. How exactly high is affected by several factors like what industry, number of opportunities, and experience. It all boils down to how you negotiate your rates.

4. Look for transferable skills: Choose a skill that can be applied to multiple industries or roles, as this will give you greater flexibility and opportunities in the future. Naturally, soft skills are much easier to adapt to other fields. Communication skills and interpersonal skills are a must in all industries and are highly valued by good hiring managers.

5. Seek guidance from mentors and industry experts: Getting a mentor is perhaps the most surefire way to learn a skill. Reach out to mentors and industry experts to get their perspectives on which high income skills are in demand and how to best go about learning them. They can also guide how to break into the field and succeed once you have learned the skill. Other great sources are online universities.Fully online universities offer learners a convenient way to learn skills wherever and whenever they are. They let you learn at your own sustainable pace, unlike in-person universities. Lessons are also designed to be consumed more effectively to maximize a person’s learning potential.

Where to learn high income skills in Nigeria

In 2024, there are many useful skills to learn to make money in Nigeria and there are a lot of ways to learn them too. Some individuals choose to pursue formal education, such as a degree or certification program, while others may prefer to learn through on-the-job training or online courses and resources. Some options for learning high income skills in Nigeria include universities, vocational schools, and professional development programs. However, if you are looking for a more flexible approach to learning, online universities are a great alternative.

Schools like Nexford University offer students curated courses that are designed to meet the present and future demands of the global economy – with DEAC accredited qualifications in business analytics, ecommerce, AI and much more. Students get to learn valuable real-world skills that are relevant in today’s landscape.

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What are the best high paying skills you can learn to make money online in Nigeria

Contrary to popular believe, crypto trading, dropshipping and affiliate marketing are not always the best skills to learn. This is because the they often don’t provide a reliable stream of income. Instead, as we mentioned above, you should focus on gaining expertise in the following areas:

  • Tech skills

  • Marketing & sales skills

For those living in Nigeria and wanting to earn money online, learning lucrative skills in technology and marketing/sales are the top choices. Technology skills provide the foundation for many online jobs, such as web development, AI, software engineering, and data analytics. Marketing and sales skills enable people to effectively market their products and services online, to reach out to potential customers, and to build a successful business. With the right skills, individuals in Nigeria can generate a steady income by taking advantage of the demand for such digital & tech skillsets.


Securing a successful career begins with learning a high-value skill. But that is only the first step. You must also be committed, determined, and have access to the right resources. A bit of luck also never hurts!

No matter what skill you want to learn, the success of your career depends on what you do with it. To achieve success in something you are passionate about, it is important to stay focused and gain the needed skills in a reasonable amount of time; This is why learning in a structured, methodical way is very effective.

Therefore, if you want to maximize your chances of success, you have to be willing to invest in yourself. This means investing time, effort, and resources into your skill set.

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