10 reasons why courses and certificates are right for you

Mark Talmage-Rostron
June 5, 2024 · 6 min read

The best way to progress your career has been proven to be by earning an MBA from a reputable organization such as Nexford University. That said, although that is the goal, sometimes people don’t have the qualifications, or time yet, to enroll for one. This is where Nexford’s comprehensive courses and certificates come into play.

They say time waits for no man, or woman for that matter, so to switch careers, or even start a business, there is no better way to lay the groundwork than with a degree from Nexford University. But sometimes the time is not right for a prospective learner to pursue a degree, and this is where Nexford’s wide range of certificates and courses come into play.

One of the top benefits of pursuing a professional certificate course is that it increases the chances of promotions or pay raises at your current organisation while opening up new job opportunities. This makes it a win-win option for all graduates as well as working professionals to upskill themselves.

Stay the course by getting certified!

Nexford’s 100% online certificates allow you to meet your career goals through a series of rigorous courses to boost your skills in a particular field. You can choose from intermediate or advanced certificates, and if the next-generation experience suits you, you could be on track for a Nexford degree. Certificates are flexible, practical, shareable, and valuable. Master the skills employers are looking for and put your accomplishments in the spotlight with certificates you'll be proud to share.

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Courses on the other hand let you learn one specific area of business, at a level that suits you (intermediate or advanced). This will help you master a specific skill to run your business better, solve a business problem, or simply stay current. Nexford’s courses are affordable, flexible, practical, and stackable. Courses will help you show off your skills to your professional network, stack them together, and get on track for a degree.

But the question remains. Why get certified in the first place? Whatever your profession, working toward a professional certification or designation can be the difference between being successful, and highly successful. This is why up and coming entrepreneurs should consider gaining a certificate in entrepreneurship to learn the skills needed to build a startup from the ground up and launch their innovative ideas.

People have different reasons of course, but the skills development council maintains that there are 10 proven reasons why you should.


For those at the beginning of their career, certification aids them to gain external validation that confirms they have the skills to pursue their career further.

Competitive advantage

Certification gives you a head start. It helps you to get differentiated from the professionals in your field, gain the critical knowledge you need to succeed today and stand out tomorrow.

Enhance your marketability

If you have a college degree that belongs to the other field of interest, then skills certification can help you switch your domain. Degree plus certifications also increase your marketability. Almost 90% of the employees agreed that the industry prefers certificates during hiring.

Improve your chances of promotion

Getting promoted is not a right, it is earned. To make yourself more noticeable and worthy of one takes determination and a degree of upskilling to thrive. If you’re prepared to take the next step, then certification can assist you in advancing your career in the desired organization.

Personal satisfaction and development

Why do people enroll themselves in certifications even though they have degrees and skills? Because at times, they might feel a bit stale. Earning certificates can help you upskill and move your career to the next level.

Boost efficiency

The advanced training and information you get through the specialized courses will help you stay up to date with the tools and strategies that can directly be applied to your job. Maximize your efficiency with these side authentications.


Certification enables you to succeed in today's most in-demand fields. Apply your new skills from day one at work.

Lucrative income opportunities

A major benefit of getting an international certification is you’ll see enhancement in your earning potential. If your main goal is to achieve a high-income generating job, then you can expect better raises and bonuses in the future with international certifications.

Diversified skills

A degree makes you eligible to apply for a particular job, but certification in the field of your interest will enable you to stand out among the crowd. You’ll see yourself as a diversified independent person who has mastery in different areas.

Employer enthusiasm

It might be possible that you’ll not get a job or be hired by the firm despite your skills and credentials. But your certification will show how motivated and dedicated you are towards your career.

Of course you should do a course!

Doing a course, or multiple courses can help you master a specific skill to run your business better, solve a business problem, or simply stay current – the choice is yours. Why do you do a course?

Taking a course will allow you to put your skills and experience on paper, which will enhance your CV and increase your employability. Because even if particular qualifications aren't a prerequisite for a role, you might find that someone who has them has the upper hand.

After all, who is an employer more likely to pick – someone who has ‘skills in accounting’, or someone who has ‘an industry recognised qualification in accounting’ (that encompasses all the essential skills needed for the job)?

Whether you take a part-time course or a full-time course, learning more about the area you’re interested in will help you expand and quantify your skills, open greater opportunities, and allow you to earn more money.

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Courses or certificates, Nexford is the place to be

When it comes to certificates, Nexford offers both intermediate and advanced certificates. If you’re at the start or in the middle of your career – or if you’re more experienced and want to reskill, intermediate certificates are the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced professional who wants to go even further, choose advanced certificates. Complete a series of courses, tackle practical projects based on real business challenges, and earn a certificate to share with your professional network. You may be on a path to completing a full degree program!

Bitesize learning for big ambitions, Nexford courses allow you to master a specific skill to run your business better, solve a business problem, or simply stay current. Every course stands alone as a complete qualification. Courses are the smallest units of learning at Nexford. Use them to jump on to your path to the career you want. Courses add up to make certificates. Certificates add up to make degrees. So, even if you start small, you’re on your way to a Bachelor or Master of Business Administration degree.


Get a glimpse of a Nexford degree program for a fraction of the cost – from $320 and as a once-off payment.


Complete in your own time, on your own terms in 1-2 months. Start on the first of the next month.


Our courses give today’s most talented people the tools for tomorrow. Apply your new skills right away.


Show off your skills to your professional network. Stack courses together and get on track for a degree.

Course or certificate, one thing that Nexford University’s learners agree on is that when it comes to earning a world-class future-focused American University degree, it pays to learn at Nexford.

As Nexford is a next-generation, 100% online American university, you can learn whenever, wherever and on any device. What's more, through learning skills and not theory, you will, unlike traditional university graduates, be able to do what’s required in a job from day one.

Visit the Nexford courses and certificates page for more information, or contact a Nexford Application specialist.

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