Why online learning is the higher education option for global business leaders

Flexible, affordable, recognized – and what employers want. Find out why online learning could be for you

We know how important it is to make the right choice when it comes to your higher education.

You’re investing in your future, and you need to know that your higher education provider is invested in you. Here’s why an online learning option at Nexford University could be exactly what you’re looking for.

We’re recognized and accredited

It’s one of the most common fears about online learning: will my qualification be recognized? The short answer is yes. At Nexford we offer credentials globally recognized by official bodies and employers.

Nexford is a licensed, degree-granting institution of higher education. We’re licensed under the Degree Granting Institution Rules of the District of Columbia, by the District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission.

You might be worried about whether your qualification will be recognized in the same way as it would be from a traditional university. But online learning has developed rapidly in recent years, and employers increasingly recognize their reputation for excellence. Online learning has innovated radically to meet the swiftly evolving demands of the global workplace while the traditional university classroom has lagged. Did you know, according to Gallup, that only 11% of business leaders believe graduates are ready for the workplace? That doesn’t make sense to us. Which leads us to our next point.

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We know what employers want

We’ve done the work here. We’ve analyzed more than 30 million job vacancies and surveyed leaders who employ more than 2.5 million people worldwide. So when we say we know what employers want, we really do. Did you know that right now, according to the Institute for College Access and Success, only 30% of employees have the skills they need to perform their work? We’re out to change that. We’re here to bridge the gap between our learners and employers by empowering you with the skills that employers genuinely want and need in their workforce. We take your success seriously, and your learning experience is focused on building real-world skills and expertise.

We’re flexible – we fit around your schedule

Maybe you’re not in a position to take time out from your career to pursue further studies, or perhaps a relocation for you (and your family) to a distant campus isn’t realistic. A rigid schedule may not fit around your childcare needs or existing job demands. We understand. It takes on average 18 months to complete our MBA and 36 months to complete our BBA. But in reality, it’s your program. You choose when you start, you fit your learning around your existing commitments, and you decide how fast you finish. We also keep you moving forward so that you complete each course, and graduate with your degree in good time! You have eight weeks to complete a course, and if we notice you’re not progressing through the content, we’ll make sure you get the support you need.

We’re as affordable as you make us

When you think of higher education costs, you probably think sky high. And if you’re talking about campus-based learning, you’re right. It doesn’t need to be this way. By 2018, the number of internet users reached 4 billion, according to Internet World Stats, up 7% year on year. By 2020 Business Insider say that almost 40% of the global population will own a smartphone. We’re more connected than ever, and the cost of communication has plummeted. So why should your education costs soar? Our payment model is simple. You pay per month, with your tuition fee adjusted to meet your local market. Which means you drive the cost. You’re completely in control.

We’re human

Yes, we’re supported by cutting-edge technology. No, we’re not robots. We harness sophisticated AI where it’s helpful – for example, to mine our data trove and help you map the ideal career pathway. But you’ll be assigned a dedicated success advisor when you join one of our programs, and our faculty members are full time, and on hand to and offer you real-time feedback.

We also use the latest collaboration tools to connect you to a supportive community. Did you know that almost 1 million people started using social media for the first time in 2018? That’s more than 11 new users every second, according to We Are Social. We Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and Tweet more than we actually meet. We know that in our modern world, human connection doesn’t have to mean in person, and we know how to use the latest technology to foster meaningful connections.

Think that online learning could be for you? Check out our programs and see where online learning could take you at Nexford

About the author
Anna Johnston
Anna Johnston

Anna Johnston is an award-winning Head of Content, who tells galvanizing stories with a creative team at Nexford.

Anna was the overall Award 2020 winner for the business case: Satya Nadella at Microsoft: Instilling a Growth Mindset, with Professor Herminia Ibarra and Aneeta Rattan. She is formerly a writer at London Business School, consistently ranked among the world’s best its MBA.

Anna’s work has been published in Forbes, Thomson Reuters, Huffington Post, HR Magazine, the Financial Times, and thought-leading firms such as Accenture and McKinsey & Company.

Anna is a speaker, coach, and presenter. More information about her can be found on LinkedIn.

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