Top 10 Highest Paying Business Jobs & Salaries 2024

Stephen Ramotowski
June 20, 2024 · 12 min read

A degree in business opens up the doors to job stability and security, career and time flexibility, and, most of all, high earnings. Read more to discover the top 10 highest paying jobs you can get with a business degree.

With 19% of degrees conferred, business remains the most popular college major, and there are many reasons why.

First, the demand for business graduates is high because their financial and management expertise is critical for all industries.

Not only that, but they also offer diverse specializations, allowing students to choose the areas of business fit their passion and skills.

Last but not least, business jobs offer a higher average starting salary which may also even come with additional pay through commissions and bonuses.

If you wish to have a profitable business career, here are the jobs for business majors that pay the highest salaries:

Top 10 Highest Paying Business Jobs (Inc Salaries)

We've rounded up all of the highest paying jobs in business world, and here they are:


Managers lead and oversee a wide range of business-related activities, and that’s why they have the highest pay in almost all industries.

With that said, here are the management jobs with the best salaries:

1. Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer position is the highest-ranking role in an organization.

He is often considered the company's public face, but his main role is to lead the different aspects of operations in reaching their business goals with an emphasis on profit, return on investment, and growth.

The CEOs' duties vary depending on the size and type of industry. Still, their main tasks include formulating business strategies, establishing and implementing business culture, and organizing business systems and operations.

They are also responsible for financial planning and exploring business acquisitions and opportunities.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in business is recommended for getting an entry-level job in your chosen industry. But if you want to get a management spot in your organization and become an executive later on, an MBA degree is what you need.

This executive role is different from most business positions because it's more about the experience than the education. That's why you must gain extensive relevant experience in your chosen industry.

After obtaining years of experience, you have two ways to become a CEO. You can work your way up from a managerial to an executive position and become a CEO of an existing company or start your own.

Job Outlook

The overall employment of top industry executives is expected to grow by 3% in the next few years.

While this may seem like a small growth, it’s already equivalent to about 311, 600 job openings annually until 2032.

Projected Earnings

In the US, Chief Executive Officers receive an average salary of USD 208,500 per year, making it the highest-paying business administration degree.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager

Also called IT Managers, these executives are responsible for managing and planning an organization's computer-related activities and equipment.

They do this by identifying the company's IT goals and requirements and then choosing and implementing the right computer system and hardware to help meet them.

They lead the IT department, comprised of programmers and technicians, in upholding the company's network security and data distribution.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology, engineering, and other related programs can help you enter the industry.

However, most organizations seek candidates with a master's degree in business administration (MBA) since these programs provide the necessary skills and knowledge to spearhead a department.

Aside from that, you’d also need to have a few years of experience working an IT job.

Job Outlook

BLS projects that this business field will experience a growth rate of 15%, which equals around 46, 900 job openings annually until 2032.

Projected Earnings

The annual median salary for a Computer and Information Systems Manager is around USD 140,400.

Most people in this role also receive an average additional pay of USD 11,600 through cash bonuses and profit sharing.

3. Finance Manager

Finance managers are executives who oversee and maintain the company’s financial health.

Their main goal is to ensure that the company's financial resources are used most effectively. They analyze financial data and use their findings to formulate financial budgets and plans.

They are also in charge of exploring expansion and investment opportunities, ensuring compliance with financial laws and regulations, and conducting risk management techniques.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s in business administration (BBA) degree is enough to give you the analytical skills and knowledge you need to enter the finance industry. An online BBA degree is a convenient way to obtain these learnings.

However, it’s recommended that you get a master’s degree and certifications like Certified Government Financial Manager (CFGM) provided by the Association of Government Accountants.

You'd also need to have years of experience in the business and finance industry.

Job Outlook

The finance management field is expected to grow by 16% until 2032.

This means the industry will generate around 69, 600 job openings annually for the next few years.

Projected Earnings

A finance manager makes a median wage of about USD 141,700 every year.

They may also receive an additional pay of USD 27,500 from a cash bonus, profit sharing, or both.

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4. Human Resource Manager

An HR manager spearheads the company's talent acquisition and development.

They are responsible for developing and creating programs to improve employee performance and boost company growth.

Human resource management also includes establishing employees' pay structure and handle staff disputes.

Educational Requirements

Employers require a bachelor's degree in business, psychology, or communications for an entry-level HR position.

You should take a master's in business administration to head your department. An online MBA degree can help you learn the management basics most easily and efficiently.

Job Outlook

According to BLS, the employment of HR managers will grow by 5% or 15,500 job openings per year until 2032.

Projected Earnings

According to Glassdoor, HR Managers make an annual median wage of USD 91,600.

They can also receive an additional payment of USD 8,000 through bonuses.

Finance and Business Operations

The professionals under this category are involved in the business' day-to-day activities. In this field, the top-paying occupations are more about consultancy and finance management. Here they are:

5. Data Scientist

Data scientists extract meaningful insights from business data through different analytical techniques and tools. Their findings help solve the company's complex problems and guide them in formulating strategies and making business decisions.

They aid organizations in various aspects including identifying pain points, exploring growth opportunities, and improving company productivity and efficiency.

Educational Requirements

An entry-level data scientist position requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, and other related fields.

The best way to get an advanced role is to obtain a master's in business administration and gain industry-related experience.

Job Outlook

BLS projects that data scientists' employment will increase by 35% until 2032.

This is equivalent to 17,700 job openings yearly for the next few years.

Projected Earnings

Data scientists make an average annual salary of USD 156,900.

Depending on the pay structure, they may also receive an additional pay of around USD 27, 300 through cash bonuses.

6. Operations Research Analyst

An operation research analyst uses logic and mathematics to help organizations solve problems and allow them to operate more efficiently.

They work on various operation-related problems such as logistics, inventory management, employee scheduling, product planning, supply chain optimization, etc.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor's in computer science, engineering, or mathematics is required to enter the industry.

But more than that, you'd also need master's in business administration and relevant work experience to qualify for an analyst role.

Job Outlook

The employment growth rate for Operations research analysts will grow by 23% in the next few years.

This growth is equivalent to around 9,800 job openings annually until 2032.

Projected Earnings

Operations research analysts earn around USD 124,300 annually.

Glassdoor also states that they may also have the chance to receive an additional pay of USD 7, 900 in the form of cash bonuses and profit sharing.

7. Information Security Analyst

The Information security analyst is in charge of protecting the company’s most important asset—data.

Companies hire them to help secure databases, computer networks, and systems and prevent potential breaches and cyberattacks.

They are also responsible for identifying potential vulnerabilities through risk assessment and staying updated about the latest trends, threats, and best practices.

Educational Requirements

The basic requirement for an Information security analyst is a bachelor's degree in computer and information technology or a related field (math or engineering).

Employees prefer candidates with security certification, like Security + for entry-level workers or the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) for more advanced positions.

Lastly, an MBA degree can increase your chances of landing a managerial position or heading your department.

Job Outlook

Analyst positions will get more in demand in the coming years. In particular, Information security analysts can expect to see a growth of 32% in their job opportunities.

This translates to about 16, 800 job openings each year until 2032.

Projected Earnings

An information security analyst makes an average salary of USD 121,200 per year.

They may also receive an average additional pay of around USD 8, 100 through cash bonuses.

Sales and Other Business-related Industries

Here are the business-related industries that pay the highest salaries:

8. Postsecondary Business Teacher

Postsecondary business teachers, more commonly known as business professors, help shape the future of the business industry by educating the next batch of business leaders.

In addition to delivering lectures on business strategies and industry best practices, they plan courses and curriculums, formulate and administer examinations, and assign projects to students.

Educational Requirements

An MBA is the bare minimum to qualify for a business professor role. However, most universities prefer candidates with either a PhD or a DBA.

Job Outlook

The demand for all secondary teachers is expected to grow by 8% in the next few years. At this rate, there will be about 118 800 job openings annually for the next few years.

However, it's important to remember that only a portion of these job opportunities will belong to business professors.

Projected Earnings

The projected salary for business professors is about USD 131,000. Most also receive an average yearly cash bonus of USD 12,500.

9. Real Estate Broker

Real estate brokers are experts who help people buy, sell, or transfer properties.

In addition to assisting with everything they need to do during a sale (legal compliance, paperwork, and decision-making), they are also responsible for supervising a team of real estate agents and helping them formulate property contracts and make purchase offers.

Educational Requirements

At least a high school degree is needed to get into this industry. In addition to that, you'd also need to take real estate courses and pass a licensure exam to work as a real estate broker.

If you plan to start a brokerage, getting an MBA will provide you with the skills and knowledge to lead a team and manage your practice.

Job Outlook

The need for real estate brokers will increase by 3% in the next few years.

With this projection, the industry is expected to generate around 51, 600 job openings annually until 2032.

Projected Earnings

The earnings of real estate broker vary depending on their sales and company. But on average, they make around USD 103,700.

They may also earn an additional pay of USD 75, 800 through cash bonuses, commissions, and profit sharing.

10. Medical and Health Services Manager

Also known as healthcare administrators or executives, medical and health services managers oversee healthcare facilities' business and administrative aspects.

Their responsibilities include setting financial budgets and monitoring the organization’s financial performance.

They also manage human resources, improve business operations and workflow, and ensure that all procedures are performed according to government regulations.

Educational Requirements

A bachelor’s degree in healthcare is the minimum requirement to enter this industry. Another common major to consider is business and other relevant fields.

This position may also require either a state-issued license (nurse or social worker) or an advanced business degree.

Job Outlook

The employment of medical and health services managers is expected to grow by 28% in the next few years. BLS predicts the industry will produce 54,700 job openings annually until 2032.

Projected Earnings

Medical and health services managers make an annual median wage of USD 101,300. Depending on their company, they also have the opportunity to receive an estimated additional pay of USD 7,600.

The other top jobs include are marketing manager, market research consultant, business operations manager, and management analyst.


There’s no denying that the business is a stable sector. However, it’s also a fast-paced industry, so achieving and maintaining a lucrative career in business is highly challenging.

With that said, the best way to land the highest paying jobs in business would be to obtain more advanced degrees like an MBA. Completing this program strongly demonstrates your passion and ability to learn—which, according to the survey, is the second most important employability skill in business.

With an online BBA or MBA from Nexford, you can obtain this much-needed diploma without sacrificing time and convenience.


What is the highest-paying business job in 2024?

The company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is the highest-paying business job in 2024. Glassdoor said this position received an annual median wage of USD 208,500.

Not only that, but professionals in this role may also get an average additional pay of USD 172, 900 through commissions, profit sharing, and cash bonuses.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which business jobs are projected to have the highest level of growth?

As per BLS, the business jobs with the highest growth rate this 2024 are data scientist, information security analyst, health and services manager, and operations research analyst.

These industries are expected to grow at 35%, 32%, 28%, and 23% respectively.

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Is business a good career path?

Yes, business is a good career path due to the following reasons: high pay, opportunity to work in various industries, location flexibility, and many more.

But the most important reason why it's a good idea to major in business is job security. Since virtually all industries have a business aspect, the demand for business majors will remain high for many years.

What skills or expertise is required for high-paying business jobs?

The business sector is fast-paced, so you need hard skills. These may include financial intelligence, information technology innovation, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

Being in the business industry will require you to work with different types of people in various settings and fields. Because of this, you’d also need to have the following soft skills: communication, management and leadership, and creativity.

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What qualifications are required for high-paying business jobs?

A master’s degree in business administration will unlock plenty of work opportunities in a managerial role or leadership position in most industries.

However, a doctoral degree is needed to enter the academe and become a postsecondary business teacher.

Why is it beneficial for business professional to gain a BBA/MBA degree?

An MBA or BBA degree equips professionals with strong business management skills, business acumen, and critical competencies businesses need to grow. It also puts them in a position to take on various organizational roles.

Additionally, completing an MBA program demonstrates their commitment to continuous learning and improvement, which is critical for business growth and development.

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