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Nexford Staff
March 1, 2022 · 3 min read

As we start our fourth year, here are some of the initiatives we’re launching to help add more value to our community across the world

The Global Grid

The Global Grid is a mentorship program launched by Nexford University to enable talent across the world to better prepare for remote jobs. It aims to increase awareness around the millions of jobs that are moving online, and the skills learners need to qualify for them.

The program stems from Nexford’s belief that the right education talent should be able to access jobs regardless of location, gender, race or social status, and will delve into the specific skills employers are looking for and how talent across the world can join this virtual, global grid.

The mentorship program is in partnership with thought leaders from across the world, and each mentor has specific expertise aligned with one or more of Nexford University’s eight Institutional Learning Outcomes. Mentors will engage with the Nexford community through global webinars as well as limited attendance group mentoring sessions. Content created by our mentors will be shared among our global community members to help them achieve their own individual career and personal development goals.

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Virtual Work Experience

In partnership with Forage, Nexford learners will gain first-hand experience of what it’s like to work at a range of global organizations such as J.P. Morgan, Citi, and Deloitte. Specifically, within Nexford courses, learners will work on online projects created by Forage in partnership with global organizations, these projects represent examples of what employees within these organizations will actually work on.

From Data Analytics at Accenture to Financial Audit at PwC, learners can find the perfect program to showcase their skills and get noticed by recruiters from top companies.

By completing the projects, Nexford learners will enhance their future employability and gain a competitive advantage over others applying for future roles across these global organizations. Learners can add Forage projects to their Nexford portfolio of projects completed, which they can share with prospective employers.


No, we’re not going offline! Our online Campus is the one-stop destination where learners will go to manage everything related to their Nexford experience. Learning, socializing, getting faculty or advisor support, requesting credentials, managing billing issues, and lots more – all within a single platform designed to deliver a next-generation learning experience.

Nexford For Talent

This is a platform designed for employers looking to drive business performance by upskilling their team members. The N4T platform will enable employers to analyze internal skill gaps and fill them by deploying tailored learning programs and building career pathway programs based on the skills they need. Through these affordable pathway programs, learners will gain a deeper understanding of the skills employers are looking for and be able to enroll in programs specifically aligned with the needs of employers.

Career Services

Our career services platform will help learners excel in their local as well as remote careers from early to mid-career and beyond. Learners will have access to tools helping them explore career pathways, prepare for a job search, start their career transition, and adapt to change along the way. Lifelong learning is threaded through Nexford’s future Career Services platform, providing alumni with access to courses that support their careers as they advance and pivot.

Nexford’s Career Services will feature tools in addition to industry expertise targeting LinkedIn profile development, CV-building, and cover letter reviews, expert-led webinars, and curated job boards, all to prepare learners to advance in their future careers.

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