Nexford's global remote jobs guide

Remote working will have grown from 42% in 2021 to 81% in 2024. Make sure that as an employer, or an employee, you are well placed to take advantage of all of its benefits.


How to benefit from remote work

Whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time, or freelance gig, working remotely is now easier than ever.

From where you choose to work to how you get your work done, working remotely offers a number of benefits that will have a direct impact on your company's bottom line and your health and well-being as an employee.

Advantages of remote working


Work from anywhere with a stable internet connection

Reduced commute expenses

Save time, and money, by working from home

Better work-life balance

Increase your job satisfaction by prioritizing your health

Greater talent pool

Greater talent pool

Tap into a distributed, global workforce and talent regardless of location

Remote Career Categories

Top 10 remote jobs

The top remote jobs cover a wide range of industries from technology and finance, to education and healthcare. Some popular remote job titles include Software Engineer, Data Analyst, Virtual Teacher, Content Creator, Customer Service Representative, and Project Manager. Many of these jobs can be done completely online, while others may require some in-person interaction.

Customer Service Representative

Data Entry Specialist

Virtual Assistant

English Teacher

Web Developer

Content Creator

Social Media Manager

Sales Representative

Software Engineer

Cybersecurity Professional

Top 12 remote work job boards!

With the rise in remote jobs, a new category of recruiters and recruitment companies have sprung up. Below are some of the best global remote websites where you can find jobs and companies that prioritize and value remote work.

  1. Growmotely
  2. Jobgether
  3. Pangian
  4. WeWorkRemotely
  5. ARC
  6. Remotive
  7. JustRemote
  8. Wellfound
  9. Jobspresso
  10. DailyRemote
  11. Working Nomads
  12. RemoteLeaf

Learn how to best position yourself to benefit from remote work with our global remote jobs guide