Nexford wins at the Global Brands Awards 2020

Ling Ho
November 18, 2020 · 2 min read

Nexford was named the ‘Most Innovative Higher Education Brand, US’ at the Global Brands Awards 2020

Nexford University is proud to have been recognized alongside key players such as the University of Oxford, Harvard Business School, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) at the Global Brands Awards 2020. It was named the most innovative higher education brand in the US.

The annual Global Brands Awards aim to highlight companies across the world that have excelled with their unique vision, exceptional customer service, innovative solutions, and consumer-centric products in their respective industry. Nexford was picked for providing learners across the world access to high-quality, affordable, dynamic education – helping them graduate with real-world business skills.

A curriculum built by experts based on data

Our unique approach to higher education is driven by innovation. Every learner gains skills based on the latest employer needs and market trends – this is what we call our Workplace Alignment Model – our curriculum is designed to equip them with the skills they need and employers are looking for.

On winning this prestigious award, Victoria Rusnac, Marketing Director at Nexford University, states: “We’re delighted Nexford has been recognized by the Global Brands Awards!”

“The award embodies Nexford’s commitment to continuous innovation, and we are extremely honored to be recognized on an international stage by a prestigious global publication.”

She continues: “It is our mission to promote access to high-quality, engaging, and affordable education for learners so they can become tomorrow’s confident job seekers and job creators.”

Find out more about the Global Brands Awards here


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Ling Ho
Ling Ho

Ling graduated with a BA in English Literature with Linguistics from the University of Westminster in 2017. She is currently a Marketing Executive at Nexford University. You can find her on LinkedIn

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