2020 Nexford survey results show satisfaction rates rocket

Anna Johnston
October 21, 2020 · 3 min read

The 2019-20 survey results are in! 96 percent of learners would recommend Nexford

The global pandemic has swiftly turned the world on its head. As COVID-19 spread, over 200 million higher education students around the world were forced online overnight. Businesses shuttered their doors and those who were able switched to working from home. With new challenges come new opportunities to adapt and lead teams remotely, test new skills, and forge new paths ahead.

Between 2019 and 2020, Nexford surveyed 2,351 current learners – these are executives, and professionals studying undergraduate and graduate degree programs including our flagship MBA, certificates, and short courses. The emphasis of this survey was on the number of people continuing to work, using new skills at work immediately.

93% increased confidence at work

Some 94 percent of learners gained valuable workplace skills and knowledge throughout their courses, reinforcing that the university’s approach is effective in supporting today’s learners and tomorrow’s business professionals, says Dr Lori Ellingford, Nexford University’s Director of Course Development.

Nexford stays true to the HELC-approved competencies and outcomes set for every course by considering the following questions during the creation of every module for every course:

“Based on these questions, we opt for practicality over theory every time,” explains Dr Ellingford. Some 95 percent of respondents said that the courses encouraged them to think critically and 92 percent achieved their learning goals.

Dr Ellingford says: “Everything that the learner studies in a course module leads them to become proficient in the competencies and outcomes set.”

"For this reason, we ensure that everything produced by learners mimics a real-world professional setting.”

Nexford avoids lengthy theory-ladened academic research papers, she explains. Instead, learners create items like marketing campaigns, value chain analyses, cyberattack defense plans, A3 reports for decision making, business diagrams, pitch decks for a board of directors, mission statements, memos, and position statements.

96% satisfied with their studies

With a satisfaction rate of 96 percent, Nexford is building a global reputation for producing graduates who are more confident, and exceptionally well-equipped to turn challenges into opportunities. As well as the program content, the support provided by Nexford’s dedicated success team goes a long way.

“Online learning requires a balance between self-management and good study habits, but that’s hard with a global pandemic,” says Trisha Roque, Nexford University’s Learner Success Manager. “COVID-19 has tipped the scales for so many learners. It could have affected the academic performance of MBA or BBA learners, but that’s why the success team is here.”

For six months, Strada Education Network surveyed the American Public to determine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on their work, their education plans, and their general wellbeing. It found that the biggest challenge for students is their emotional wellbeing, with three in four students reporting feeling stress or anxiety.

Trisha noted a similar temperature check at Nexford. “Some learners had to take two extra jobs to cover a pay-cut, others worried about losing investors for their business, while others struggled to care for their family plus study from home.

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Anna Johnston

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