Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs In Nigeria 2024

Joe McGoldrick
May 1, 2024 · 9 min read

The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world today. The Internet has dominated almost all aspects of our lives.

Businesses are now moving towards a more digital and connected infrastructure. Because of this, getting a tech job has become the new gold rush. Many aspiring professionals both new and old are looking into ways to land their dream tech role.

Here are Nigeria's top 10 high-paying and high demand tech jobs.

Top 10 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in Nigeria 2024

1. Web Developer

As the digital environment advances with the help of the internet, the demand for web-based solutions will only skyrocket. Web Developers are at the forefront of this revolution. They are experts responsible for designing websites and web apps. They build robust and user-friendly solutions with the help of the latest web technologies. They also perform routine maintenance and testing of these assets to ensure optimal performance.

They earn NGN 3,960,000 on average in a year. This makes web development one of the few high income skills in Nigeria.

2. Big Data Engineer

Big Data Engineers are specialists in handling data and information - to put it simply, they're data-driven. They design, test, and build complex data processing systems to be used in various industries. They not only handle database management but also sort, categorize, and analyze data in them. They create actionable recommendations based on these data and present them in a clear and insightful way. These professionals make sure that the data that an organization use are sound and free from any compromising biases.

In Nigeria, they make NGN 3,000,000 yearly average salary.

3. Cybersecurity Engineer

Being highly connected comes with its own inherent risks. Malicious actors have as much access to information online as any others. That is why it is important to actively secure networks and databases to ensure that unauthorized people have no access. Cybersecurity Engineers assist companies in making sure that their networks are secure. They design, build and test cybersecurity measures for any given organization. They are responsible for keeping firewalls and other cybersecurity protocols up-to-date and free from bugs. They also train other personnel in the organization in cybersecurity etiquette and best practices.

They earn a yearly average salary of NGN 2,400,000.

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4. Software Engineer

Software Engineering is perhaps the quintessential "tech job". They are professionals that develop software for various applications. They are expected to use up-to-date best practices and the latest tools to fulfill their tasks. They help design and build software to fit the needs of any given organization. Software Engineers also perform routine maintenance as well as updating software by adding features, squashing bugs, and optimizing performance. They can be in-house developers, independent contractors, or freelancers.

In Nigeria, they earn a yearly average salary of NGN 4,872,672

5. Full-Stack Developer

Yet another well-known tech job worldwide and with good reason. Full-Stack Developers wear many hats if not all of them. The "stack" refers to the individual technologies and components of a particular project. Full-stack essentially means you are capable of doing all of it on your own making them nearly a one-person team. They are distinct from DevOps Engineers however they do work closely in most settings. This makes them one of the most sought-after talents on the market today.

They make at least NGN 5,280,000 yearly on average.

6. IT Project Manager

Information Technology Project Managers are skilled professionals that specialize in supervising a project from start to finish. They oversee a group of people to perform specific tasks in order to meet project goals. They develop, improve, and optimize proposals that would not only meet project goals but also do so within budget. As managers, they are expected to lead and guide other team members as well as keep morale and productivity high.

They earn an average of NGN 7,500,000 yearly. This makes them one of the highest paying jobs In Nigeria.

7. Digital Marketing Manager

The shift to digital content means massive changes, especially in marketing. New strategies and best practices are being developed to fit the new landscape. Digital Marketing Managers are responsible for leading a team of junior marketers in handling campaigns using solid marketing principles. They formulate and implement marketing campaigns for various platforms.

They make, on average, NGN 5,280,000 yearly.

8. Software Architect

Building software solutions is a lot like building, well, buildings. Software development boils down to meticulous and purposeful planning. Unlike software design which focuses on individual parts, software architecture focuses on the bigger picture. Software Architects design the overall structure of the software solution and how each individual part interacts with each other. They then present this detailed plan to stakeholders in an easily digestible presentation.

They earn an average salary of NGN 4,830,000.

9. Business Systems Analyst

In running a business, efficiency is key. Optimizing business processes by streamlining tasks, eliminating bottlenecks, and simplifying procedures benefit the company in the long run. Business Systems Analysts are the experts that specialize in this. They study the business as a whole and identify problematic aspects. They address these issues and provide effective solutions to improve processes further. They are either employed as part of the company or as a third-party consultant. This is perfect if you want a business-focused tech job.

This is one of the highest-paying tech jobs around, and so a Business Systems Analysis job in Nigeria earns a yearly average of NGN 8,000,000.

10. Machine Learning Architect

As AI goes more mainstream, the demand for talented Machine Learning Architects will continue to rise. A Machine Learning Architect's job is to take AI development best practices and use them in practical applications. They work with clients to determine the scope of the project as well as lay out the limitations and challenges. They also work with Data Scientists in processing and organizing data to be used to train the AI.

They can earn up to NGN 2,700,000 per year on average.

While technical skills are a must in the industry, having other skills can give you just the right edge. This edge can help you get hired easier and advance faster.

Our Bachelors in Business Administration and Masters in Business Administration are great ways to learn other essential non-technical skills, so that you can progress in your tech career! Additionally, both our BBA and MBA offers specializations, so you can focus on specific topics like AI, Ecommerce, Sustainability and more.


Types Of Occupations In Nigeria

Generally, there are three types of occupations: employment, business, and profession/freelancing.

Employment is when a company reorganization hires you to work for them. You are then given a regular monthly salary, which was agreed upon, as well as other benefits. Employers can be companies or individuals depending on the nature of the work. 

On the other hand, owning a business means owning a company or other enterprise. You can be selling a product or a service to clients or other businesses. Business owners usually recruit employees to help run things especially when the operation becomes significantly bigger.

Finally, we have the profession, or its more modern counterpart, freelancing. Here, a professional or freelancer functions much like a mix of employee and business owner. They act as employees in a way that they primarily perform a job for individuals or companies. But, they are independent kind of like a business with their expertise as their product.

Where Can Tech Experts Work In Nigeria

Here are 3 of the best tech companies to work for in Nigeria.


The Silicon Valley giant is perhaps one of the best places to work in the world. They are consistently one of the top companies to work for around the world. They boast a non-traditional office where there are plenty of amenities for employees to relax and destress. Their office in Lagos is the company's first office on the continent. 


Speaking of tech careers, Andela is a tech company that specializes in helping developers land their dream job. They are essentially a job placement network that connects software developers to companies and organizations. They help homegrown software developers land competitive roles both locally and internationally.


Albeit a relative newcomer, OPay is by no means far behind. This Nigerian mobile financial platform based in Lagos specializes in payments, savings, and loan services. Due to its initial success, the fintech has expanded its operations to neighboring countries allowing a wider reach.

How To Get High Paying Tech Careers & Jobs In Nigeria

Careers in tech tend to be lucrative making them highly desirable. But, they do generally have a high barrier to entry. An aspirant must have a specific set of technical skills just to qualify for a position. Fortunately, there are three options to choose from:

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This is a great option for self-starters. With the amount of information available on the internet, anyone can get started learning. Youtube has tons of channels dedicated to many fields, especially tech. This option is perfect if you want to customize your own learning journey. You get to learn at your pace and choose which subjects to learn. It is not for everyone, though. With the staggering amount of information online, it can be overwhelming and intimidating for beginners.


Bootcamps are a step up from the self-study option. They are designed to be a short yet intensive training program for people aspiring to get into a coding career. They aim to arm the student with enough skills and competencies to make them highly employable quickly. Popular coding bootcamps include networking, coding, and web development. One of the biggest caveats of bootcamps, though, is that they are seldom accredited. This can impact your chances of landing a good position as many companies still value full college degrees.

Online University

If you want the benefits of a traditional brick-and-mortar university without the limitations, this one is for you. Online Universities let you learn under a structured and guided curriculum much like traditional schools. The degrees help you become well-rounded as well as learn the fundamentals at a sustainable pace. You also get to study anywhere you may be in the world. If you thrive better in a guided and structured learning experience at a more manageable pace, this is for you.

Why Is It Beneficial For Technical Specialists To Gain An BBA/MBA Degree

While there are many benefits to getting a BBA/MBA, there are three main ones that you should know about: complete learning experience, multiple career options, opens more opportunities.

BBAs and MBAs courses are designed to be a well-rounded approach. Learners get to study subjects that work well together in the real world. You get to learn the skills you are interested in and the skills you will likely need in the future. This, essentially, stops you from becoming a one-trick pony. 

This well-rounded training makes you highly adaptable to many different roles. Additionally, these programs will aid technical professionals in acquiring soft skills and abilities that will enable them to advance to management positions. This lets you fit many of the decision-making roles in various fields not only in tech but also in other industries as well. It even prepares you to start your own business and potentially increase your income.

Having a degree from a university also has advantages of its own. Companies and organizations around the world still put a premium on undergraduate and master's degrees.  Having one gives you an edge making your applications stand out more. 


Tech is one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria today. As new tech companies and industries emerge, there are many jobs available to the public. With enough grit, preparation, and careful planning, you too can land the job of your dreams. 

One of the best ways that you can prepare for your dream tech career is to enroll in a good BBA or MBA program. Having these on your resume improves its visibility, and companies are more likely to hire you when you're starting out. You also get more chances for promotions and increases in income.

Check out Nexford University's Online BBA Program and Online MBA Program for more info.

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