Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Arizona (Inc Salaries)

Mark Talmage-Rostron
June 20, 2024 · 14 min read

Discover the top 10 highest paying jobs in Arizona, including Dentist, Pilot, and more. Find the best paying jobs available and their salaries.

America, America. Land of the free and the brave. Think of America and what do you associate with it? Most would say, big cars, big sports stadiums, big entrepreneurs, big global companies, big job opportunities, and with that, big money.

But America is a big place right? 50 states covering a landmass of 9,540,000 square miles, which is about 16.5% of the earth's land area and about 4.8% of its total surface. So, with that, if you were looking to make America your place of work, or if you already work there, where would you think would be the best and most lucrative place to build a lucrative career with in-demand jobs? Many would say New York, LA, or even Texas. But it might surprise to know that the state of Arizona has a load of job opportunities in scottsdale and phoenix where there are many jobs available for an occupation such as an electrician, controller, construction manager, developer, tester or as a collective, video editors and those working in air traffic control or a data center.

In fact, there are 10 reasons why more global businesses are moving to Arizona some of which include, strategic location, quality of life, and a collaborative business ecosystem. Furthermore, Its unemployment rate is lower than the U.S. average. The future job growth in Arizona over the next ten years is expected to be much higher than the U.S. average. And, industries seeing the strongest growth are healthcare, government, manufacturing, construction, and finance.

That is all good and well, but which jobs and in which industries can you expect to be paid top dollar for your expertise. Well read on and find out just what the top 10 highest paying jobs in Arizona are. Then, get your CV out.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Arizona (Inc Salaries)

1. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental illnesses, emotional disturbances, and behavioral disorders. They are trained to assess both the biological and psychological factors influencing a patient's mental health and well-being and do this by employing various treatment modalities such as psychotherapy, medication management, and other interventions tailored to each individual's needs.

As a whole, these highly qualified individuals play a crucial role in helping patients manage conditions such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and more. Additionally, psychiatrists often work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care and support for their patients. They are also extremely well paid.

The average annual salary for a psychiatrist in Arizona is $247,301.

2. Physician

In short, a physician is a medical doctor who is trained and licensed to diagnose and treat illnesses, injuries, and various medical conditions in patients. To get to where they are, they undergo extensive education and training, typically including a bachelor's degree, medical school, and residency programs in their chosen specialty. Despite the training time frames, a career in healthcare can be extremely lucrative.

These highly skilled medical professionals possess expertise in various areas of medicine and may specialize in fields such as internal medicine, pediatrics, surgery, psychiatry, obstetrics and gynecology, and many others, and play a crucial role in healthcare systems, providing medical care, advice, and treatment to individuals to promote health and well-being.

The average annual salary for a physician in Arizona is $232,517.

3. Dentist

We've all had to go to one at some stage of our lives, but for the uninformed, a dentist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral diseases and conditions affecting the teeth, gums, mouth, and are also responsible for fixing related structures of the oral cavity. They are trained and licensed to perform a wide range of dental procedures, including routine dental exams, cleanings, fillings, root canals, extractions, crowns, bridges, dental implants, and cosmetic dentistry procedures such as teeth whitening and veneers.

As a rule of thumb, these healthcare professionals play a vital role in maintaining oral health and preventing dental problems, as well as addressing issues such as tooth decay, gum disease, oral infections, and oral cancer. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are essential for maintaining good oral health and preventing dental problems.

The average annual salary for a dentist in Arizona is $190,253.

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4. Chief Executive

A Chief Executive, often referred to as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is the highest-ranking executive in a company or organization. They are responsible for making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of the organization, and ensuring that the company's strategic goals and objectives are met. The duties and responsibilities of a CEO vary depending on the size and nature of the organization.

These include: Setting the company's overall direction and strategy in collaboration with the board of directors and other senior executives. Making key decisions regarding business operations, investments, and resource allocation. Leading and overseeing the executive team and other employees, providing guidance, direction, and support. And, being accountable for the overall success and performance of the organization. Because of their stature in the business and their responsibilities, Chief Executives get paid well. Very well.

The average annual salary for a chief executive in Arizona is $824,340.

5. Nuclear Engineer

It's all about big physics, so it's no surprise that a nuclear engineer is a specialized professional who applies principles of nuclear physics and engineering to various aspects of nuclear technology and energy. These highly sought after professionals play a crucial role in designing, developing, and maintaining systems involving nuclear energy and radiation, and their responsibilities encompass a wide range of fields, including the design and operation of nuclear power plants, research into reactor efficiency and safety, management of nuclear waste, and applications in medical imaging and treatment.

With a deep understanding of nuclear science and technology, nuclear engineers work to ensure the safe and efficient utilization of nuclear energy while addressing challenges such as environmental impact, safety concerns, and regulatory compliance. Their expertise is vital in advancing nuclear technology for both energy production and other beneficial applications while prioritizing safety and sustainability.

The average annual salary for a nuclear engineer in Arizona is $126,454.

6. Computer and Information Systems Manager

They do say that IT is where it's @, so no matter where they reside, a computer and information systems manager will always be in demand as they are key professionals responsible for overseeing the planning, implementation, and maintenance of an organization's computer systems and information technology infrastructure.

Got the skills? You might have. The role of a Computer and Information Systems Manager involves strategic planning to align IT initiatives with the organization's business objectives, as well as managing IT projects and resources effectively, and they are tasked with ensuring the security, reliability, and efficiency of the organization's IT systems and data.

So if you have the skills, you may just be leading teams of IT professionals, coordinating technology-related activities across departments, and providing technical expertise and support to end-users.

The average annual salary for a computer and information systems manager in Arizona is $143,450.

7. Sales Engineer

If you can sell ice cubes to Eskimos then you may have a future as a sales engineer as they are professionals who combine technical expertise with salesmanship to promote and sell complex technical products or services. Their primary role involves bridging the gap between the technical aspects of a product or solution and the needs of potential customers, and work closely with both the sales team and the engineering or technical team to understand customer requirements, demonstrate product capabilities, and propose customized solutions that address specific client needs.

Their role is varied, but they often participate in pre-sales activities such as product presentations, technical consultations, and solution demonstrations to showcase the value and benefits of the product or service, and also play a vital role in building and maintaining relationships with clients, providing technical support, and assisting with post-sales implementation and support. With their unique blend of technical knowledge and sales skills, sales engineers contribute significantly to driving revenue growth and customer satisfaction for technology-focused companies.

The average annual salary for a sales engineer in Arizona is $96,363.

8. Astronomer

Look to the skies and what do you see? If you were an astronomer you would know more than the average person in the street. A lot more! You see an astronomer is a scientist who specializes in the study of celestial objects and phenomena in the universe. They use observations, mathematical models, and theoretical principles to explore various aspects of space, including the formation and evolution of stars, galaxies, planets, and other celestial bodies.

In addition they investigate cosmic phenomena such as black holes, supernovae, gravitational waves, and dark matter, and their work involves conducting observations using telescopes and other instruments, analyzing data, and publishing research findings to contribute to our understanding of the cosmos.

And they are not just based in observation stations. Astronomers may work in academic institutions, research organizations, observatories, and space agencies, collaborating with colleagues from diverse scientific disciplines. Only downside is you may be called on to work nights and weekends.

The average annual salary for an astronomer in Arizona is $120,906.

9. Lawyer

A lawyer is a professional who is trained and licensed to provide legal advice, represent clients in legal matters, and advocate on their behalf in various legal proceedings. These legal eagles are also referred to as attorneys or legal practitioners, and are knowledgeable about the law and legal procedures, enabling them to offer guidance on matters such as contracts, business transactions, civil disputes, criminal charges, family law issues, estate planning, and more.

Overall, lawyers play a critical role in society by providing legal representation and counsel to individuals, businesses, and organizations, advocating for justice, protecting legal rights, and ensuring compliance with the law. They use their knowledge of the legal system to help clients navigate complex legal issues and achieve favorable outcomes in legal proceedings.

The average annual salary for a lawyer in Arizona is $102,390.

10 .Electro-Mechanical Technician

An electro-mechanical technician is a skilled professional adept at the intricate fusion of electrical and mechanical systems and they are tasked with the installation, maintenance, and repair of equipment and machinery across various industries,

Their expertise encompasses a broad spectrum, from diagnosing electrical malfunctions to fine-tuning mechanical components, ensuring optimal functionality and efficiency. Whether calibrating sensors in automated manufacturing plants or troubleshooting control systems in aerospace technology, these people that are more than just sparkies, play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of complex electromechanical systems. Through their meticulous attention to detail, adept problem-solving abilities, and dedication to safety, they uphold the reliability and performance standards essential for modern technological infrastructure.

The average annual salary for an electro-mechanical technician in Arizona is $60,450.


In conclusion, Arizona offers a compelling environment for individuals seeking high-paying jobs, particularly in industries such as technology, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. With its diverse economy, growing job market, and presence of numerous multinational corporations, the state presents ample opportunities for career advancement and financial prosperity.

Additionally, Arizona's lower cost of living compared to many other major metropolitan areas, coupled with its favorable business climate and quality of life, further enhances its attractiveness as a destination for pursuing lucrative employment opportunities. Whether leveraging specialized skills gained through advanced education or tapping into the state's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, professionals in Arizona can find rewarding career paths that not only offer competitive salaries but also opportunities for personal and professional growth.

No matter where you work in the world, including Arizona, your lot in life and how high up you go in your career and the organization you work for, is more often defined by your qualifications. Obtaining a undergraduate degree such as a BBA, or a masters degree such as an MBA from a highly recognized university such as Nexford, can help improve your skill set and help you get a rung or two higher on the career ladder, get promoted, and with that, earn more money.

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What is the highest paying job within Arizona State in 2024?

The job market in Arizona is extremely buoyant at the moment and opportunities abound in companies that pay above the national average and offer a great career outlook. Not only are those opportunities good for people looking to build a long-term career in the state and across many industries that for instance cover financial matters, but the opportunities extend to people being able to land high-paying jobs. And right now, the highest paying job in Arizona is in fact that of a chief executive who can expect to earn on average a cool $824,340 per annum.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which Arizona jobs are projected to have the highest level of growth?

According to the bureau of labor statistics', Arizona job growth is projected to decelerate from 2.1% in 2023 to 1.9% in 2024 and 2025 and then to 1.7% in 2026. Even so, Arizona job gains for best paying jobs are expected to far outpace the nation. Population growth is expected to slow from 1.6% in 2023 to 1.3% per year through 2026.

What is the best career path in Arizona in 2024?

If you've been contemplating a future in nursing working with treatment plans or software development in Arizona, you're in for some good news for landing the highest-paying jobs. Over the next decade, the most promising career opportunities will be consistently found in the healthcare and technology fields. Numerous high-paying and rapidly expanding professions within these sectors often demand only a bachelor's degree.

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What skills or expertise is required for high-paying Arizona jobs?

High-paying jobs in Arizona, like in many other places, often require a combination of specific skills, expertise, and qualifications. Here are the major ones.

Depending on the industry, technical skills such as proficiency in programming languages, data analysis, engineering design software, or specific machinery operation might be required.

Many high-paying jobs in Arizona require at least a bachelor's degree, and often advanced degrees or certifications are preferred or required. These qualifications vary greatly depending on the field, ranging from engineering degrees to medical certifications to business administration qualifications.

Strong communication skills, both written and verbal, are highly valued in many high-paying jobs. This includes the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and effectively, as well as the capacity to collaborate with colleagues and clients.

Employers often seek candidates who can think critically and solve complex problems. The capacity to analyze situations, identify issues, and devise effective solutions is invaluable in many high-paying roles.

In managerial or executive positions, leadership abilities are crucial. This includes skills in team management, strategic planning, decision-making, and conflict resolution.

And many high-paying jobs require individuals to adhere to strict ethical and professional standards. This includes maintaining confidentiality, upholding legal regulations, and acting with integrity in all business dealings.

What qualifications are required for high paying Arizona jobs?

Qualifications for high-paying jobs in Arizona can vary widely depending on the industry, specific job role, and employer preferences. However, here are some common qualifications and credentials that are often required or preferred for such positions.

Many high-paying jobs in Arizona require at least a bachelor's degree or diploma, and often advanced degrees such as master's or doctoral degrees can significantly enhance earning potential. The specific field of study depends on the industry and role. Common degrees include: Engineering, Computer Science or Information Technology, Business Administration or Management, Finance, Accounting, or Economics, Healthcare-related fields, and Legal studies.

Certain industries and professions require specific certifications or licenses to demonstrate expertise and competency. These certifications may be industry-specific or related to particular job functions. Examples include: Project Management Professional, Certified Public Accountant, Professional Engineer, Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and Registered Nurse.

Depending on the nature of the job, employers often seek candidates with proficiency in specific technical skills or software programs relevant to the industry. These may include programming languages, software development frameworks, data analysis tools, CAD software, or specialized equipment operation skills.

Why is it beneficial to gain a BBA/MBA degree to gain a high paying job in Arizona?

Gaining a four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Master of Business Administration (MBA) college degree can offer several advantages for obtaining high-paying jobs in Arizona.

BBA and MBA programs provide comprehensive training in business management, finance, marketing, and other relevant areas. These skills are highly sought after by employers in various industries, including those prevalent in Arizona such as technology, finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Many MBA programs offer specializations or concentrations, allowing students to focus on areas such as finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, or healthcare management. Specialized knowledge and skills can make graduates more competitive in the job market and command higher salaries.

Graduating from a reputable BBA or MBA program adds credibility to your resume and demonstrates to employers that you have undergone rigorous training in business management. Employers often value candidates with advanced degrees from recognized institutions, which can translate into higher-paying job offers.

Many large corporations and multinational companies have operations or headquarters in Arizona. Having a BBA or MBA degree can open doors to job opportunities within these organizations, which often offer competitive salaries and benefits packages.

And, statistically, individuals with advanced degrees tend to earn higher salaries compared to those with only a bachelor's degree or lower levels of education. This is often true across various industries and regions, including Arizona.

No matter where you work in the world, including Arizona, your lot in life and how high up you go in your career and the organization you work for, is more often defined by your qualifications. Obtaining a undergraduate degree such as a BBA, or a masters degree such as an MBA from a highly recognized university such as Nexford, can help improve your skill set and help you get a rung or two higher on the career ladder, get promoted, and with that, earn more money.

If you are looking to learn more about the key hard and soft skills deemed necessary to succeed in the great state of Arizona, download our free report.

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