‘Jide Adeyemi: the global boardroom calls

Anna Johnston
May 27, 2020 · 4 min read

COVID-19 restrictions might have temporarily put CEO and Chief Brand Strategist ‘Jide Adeyemi’s travel plans on pause, but his long term goals involve making the world a better place

When Nigerian ‘Jide Adeyemi founded his company, Big and Bold Communications, he didn’t imagine that one day he’d be taking it into new nations during the biggest global health crisis, COVID-19. He did, however, imagine that he’d be studying his MBA at Nexford with the freedom to fly to visit his wife, currently in Canada.

Living in Lagos, Nigeria’s most populous city, ‘Jide’s new reality is quite different from his everyday normal. Like many, the pandemic has created forced social distance with his loved ones. He can’t travel to see his family.

‘Jide’s wife is an international student at Mount Royal University in Canada. She had moved with ‘Jide’s two children more than 6,000 miles away before lockdown restrictions. “Canada is a second home for us for now. I have missed my wife and kids, being here all by myself. My wife is my best friend. My favorite lockdown moments have been video calls with my family.”

Seven years to find an MBA

Today, ‘Jide leads a group of young creatives in the brand management and marketing consulting organization, Big and Bold. He launched the business in 2015, and it has since grown to become a 200-plus person team.

‘Jide’s first degree, 18 years ago, was in mass communication and advertising. After his higher national diploma, he took a postgraduate diploma in customer service, trying to better understand consumers. “I want to know how people buy, why they buy, and understand the psychology of consumers,” he says.

An MBA was always on the cards – while deciding where to take the leap, ‘Jide studied courses at top business schools including disruptive innovation at INSEAD and marketing strategy at Cranfield. Then he got the taste for online education.

It took ‘Jide seven years to settle on a place to take his MBA. The big challenge had always been the lack of flexibility. “I travel a lot with work,” he says, “And I like to travel. I’m a tourist.”

‘Jide Adeyemi’s travel wishlist sounds like the lyrics to a pop song. “I want to see the world. I want to see Kyoto in Japan. I want to see Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia one day and wake up the next in Punta Cana in Dominican Republic. I want to experience different cultures.” So far, he’s visited 54 countries.

“Nexford is an innovative hub without brick and mortar.”

He says: “Nexford is where you get an education that’s convenient. So you can get an MBA being in a cab, or flying from A to B, because Nexford is an innovative institution that offers you tailormade education.”

Big, bold five-year goals

What’s the big idea? ‘Jide’s career goals are the big idea. In the short-term, he plans to expand his business beyond Nigeria. “We’ve just opened our office in Ghana, and we are looking at opening another office in Kenya,” he notes. In two years’, time he hopes to be in South Africa.

After expansion, he wants to contribute to a multinational organization in at least five countries.

“I'm a global citizen. I'm looking for knowledge so that I can play in the global boardroom.”

And he’s already expanded his mind, he says. For example, the Doing Global Business course gave him an idea of how to take an organization from a rural area into an urban space.

By 2025, ‘Jide plans to consult for nations on destination branding, turning cities into storytelling successes. “The Nigerian story has not been well told. Nobody has showcased Lagos to the world: business opportunity, tourism, cultural heritage, the resilience of a Nigerian.”

The resilience of a Nigerian

Topping off ‘Jide’s plans is to be a diplomat. Shaping conversations. Making the world a better place. “I grew up struggling through life. My mom raised five of us. I strive daily to ensure that my background does not put my back on the ground,” he shares.

“My life goal is about breaking barriers, meeting challenges and being fulfilled in life. I want to help other people. But the truth is, if you have not helped yourself, there’s no way you’re going to help other people. So to help yourself, you need certain abilities. So this is pushing me on to become that which I want to be.”

And ‘Jide’s dreams are big. “I have a dream of a world without borders where there are no limitations for people to network across the world. You cannot drive from the back seat. So, you need to be in the front seat taking the wheel to drive. I want to prepare myself for that opportunity where I can sit in the driver’s seat.”

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