Nexford University Alumni Survey Results - Graduate Career Success for Fifth Consecutive Year! 

Mark Talmage-Rostron
October 24, 2023 · 3 min read

Every Nexford University graduate is asked to complete a survey immediately upon graduating. Results from these surveys help us evaluate whether we are achieving our mission to enable greater social and economic mobility. Read on to find out the results!

Positive learner outcomes are what we are all about at Nexford University. It’s why we continuously support graduates regardless of their ethnicity and socio-economic background to achieve more in their careers as they strive become better leaders, entrepreneurs and remote workers. We are happy to report that year on year, our alumni survey is ever more positive, and this one is no different. 

Every Nexford University graduate is asked to complete a survey immediately upon graduating. Results from these surveys help us evaluate whether we are achieving our mission to enable greater social and economic mobility.  

Results from our latest surveys over the last year shows that:

  • 89% are now in middle management or above

  • 86% said that they achieved a positive ROI on their education investment

  • 78% reported receiving a promotion within 18 months from graduation

  • 60% of graduates now work in the lucrative finance industry

  • 40% got promoted after 6 months and 80% after 18 months,

  • 60% are now founders or business owners

  • 40% are now senior managers or executives. 

Furthermore, of those that received a pay raise post-graduation:

  • 40% reported receiving a 10% - 25% salary increase within 6 months of graduation

  • 60% reported receiving a 25% – 55% salary increase within 12 months of graduation.

One example is Elizabeth Shoyemi who works at a leading company in Nigeria. She said:

“After graduating with my MBA at Nexford I now earn more than in my previous role and I can compete with other executives across the world for high-ranking positions.” 

Elizabeth Video 

Another factor of our alumni success is their degrees opening doors to working remotely at international companies without having to leave their country of origin. One such person is Onyinye Udoye who works in Nigeria as a Business Analytics Specialist for Microsoft in the US. He says:

“Overall my MBA has not only elevated my professional capabilities but has also positioned me to contribute significantly to Microsoft’s growth and achievements.” 

Onyinye Video 

Of course, because Nexford is a global university, our learners, alumni, and entrepreneurs find themselves living and working around the world. One such person is Britney Deleon, a Digital Marketer and BBA learner who is doing her Nexford degree in Jamaica. She says:

“I chose to do a BBA at Nexford because it offers a well-rounded foundation in global business principles, and it aligns well with my aspirations to become a Digital Marketing Manager.” 

Britney Video 

A Nexford degree can also be instrumental in helping graduates change their career path to become successful entrepreneurs. One such person is Evelyn Nyarega, the Head of Compliance and Customer Service for TSG Realty in Kenya who post MBA intends to run her own businesses. She says:

“All the MBA modules have made a lot of sense for success as I sit in Senior Management, but also what I am aspiring to do by running self-contained cottages and guest houses now that I have the skills to develop a business plan.” 

Evelyn Video 

Top 5 industries our Nexford Alumni work in

Top 5 industries our Alumni work in 

  1. Finance: 44% 

  2. Accounting: 16% 

  3. Tech: 14% 

  4. Healthcare: 13% 

  5. IT: 13% 

Top 5 roles our Alumni occupy

Top 5 roles our Alumni occupy 

  1. Manager: 44% 

  2. Founder/owner: 16% 

  3. Senior Manager: 15% 

  4. Director/CEO: 10% 

  5. Executive: 10% 

  6. Other: 5% 

At Nexford, learners are being equipped with the tools, community, and guidance to successfully progress their career. This is why our graduates constantly feel that they could easily get ahead of traditional university graduates, as they mention they are more qualified than their peers from other universities. 

Catch up with our case studies and learner testimonials for interesting stories and reasons to join Nexford. 

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