Education Technology – Fadl Al Tarzi discusses how Nexford can help digital businesses become more successful by employing workers with crucial market-driven skills

Nexford Staff
March 31, 2022 · 1 min read

As a next-generation American online university, Nexford is equipping learners with vital skills to help them and the organizations they work for succeed

The digital transformation journey of a great many organizations, spanning multiple industries, can become derailed or even a non-starter if employees of these companies do not possess the critical skill sets required of their role.

Nexford estimates 85 million jobs will be unfilled by 2030 due to skill shortages. Furthermore, according to its data, 87% of employers worldwide report a lack of talent. These gaps need to be filled which is why many employers have increased degree requirements for many internal roles.

Degree’s are one thing, but there needs to be a reset as competency-based education appears to be the only way for learners to acquire the necessary skill sets to help them add real value to modern digitally connected organizations.

“Next-generation educational institutions like ourselves can act as a corrective to realign employer needs and workers’ skills. We can help learners to hit the ground running by teaching skills over theory and EdTech companies to grow and compete in the modern digital landscape.”

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