Changing the global order: how we’re invested in social change

Nexford staff, featuring Dr Joe Cappa
April 4, 2019 · 1 min read

Our learning may be virtual, but the people who make Nexford University happen are very real. Meet one of our world-class team members: introducing Dr Joseph Cappa

With a personal focus on social change, Dr Joseph Cappa believes that what sets Nexford University apart from its peers, is that its leaders want to foster true global change.

Passionate about improving economic mobility, closing generational and cultural gaps and improving opportunities for learners in the global environment, Dr Cappa is our business program director.

“I believe education should be accessible, affordable and available to all learners.”

Dr Cappa has worked in operations management, supply chain management, quantitative analysis/decision making, and global leadership/management. His research interests over the years include operations management, logistics, and supply chain.

Dr Joseph Cappa is business program director at Nexford University. Watch more videos from our team

About the author
Nexford staff, featuring Dr Joe Cappa
Nexford staff, featuring Dr Joe Cappa

Dr Joseph Cappa is applying his 10 years of teaching and administration experience at Nexford, where he works as the business program director. He takes an adaptive style to teaching by applying a variety of methods to meet the current level of each learner.

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