Celebrating Nexford learners 4-year journey on our 4th birthday: Adaeze Ike’s story!

Mark Talmage-Rostron
February 1, 2023 · 1 min read

To celebrate Nexford’s 4th anniversary, we decided to chat to learners and graduates about where they were 4 years ago, where they are now, and how their Nexford journey has gone. This is short look at Adaeze Ike’s story.

Adaeze Ike is a recent MBA graduate from Nexford University who hails from Nigeria. Like all our graduates, post-graduation, she is phenomenally successful in her career and content in her life. But what exactly has she been up to for the last four years and where does she want to be in the next four?

Adaeze kicked off by saying, “Four years ago in 2019, I was fixated on getting my career path straight, I knew there was a star within me that had to shine bright, but I didn’t know how to move that to the next level and achieve the positive outcomes that I wanted. At that time, I worked as an executive assistant on a low salary that I wasn’t prepared to settle for.”

Never wanting to accept the confines of her current situation, Adaeze grabbed the bull by the horns and decided to put plans in place to achieve her career and business goals. So, after her undergraduate degree that she concluded in 2018, she enrolled in a couple of online courses to boost her resume, profile, and earning potential.

Commenting on that period of her life Adaeze says, “My earning power as of then was very minimal but I knew once I got an additional qualification it would place me firmly on the road to where I wanted to be. It was all looking so good and then in 2020 the pandemic struck, and I lost my job.”

As an ambitious person this setback was never going to define her, so she kept her head up and put plans in place to become gainfully employed again. Almost like divine intervention Adaeze came across a LinkedIn post from one of her connections talking about NEXFORD UNIVERSITY. So, she did her research, enrolled to do her MBA, and as they say in the classics, the rest is history.”

As with anything in life, hard work and dedication certainly pays off and immediately after her graduation in 2022, Adaeze got promoted to a Senior Management role at Olabel Farms Limited, the company she currently works for. Beaming from ear to ear, she also states that she has had multiple job offers too.

They future certainly looks bright for Adaeze right now and she has said that she is looking forward to more opportunities in the future thanks to her Nexford degree.

We look forward to seeing her go from strength to strength in the next four years and hearing of her several new achievements in both business and life.

Watch her video below or on YouTube.

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Mark Talmage-Rostron

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