Nexford University alumni survey shows graduate career success for fourth consecutive year!

Mark Talmage-Rostron
May 3, 2023 · 4 min read

Alumni success is the most important measure of Nexford’s efficacy. So, we always strive to support graduates across the world to join the virtual talent grid regardless of their physical location, gender or socio-economic background. We are happy to report that year on year, our alumni survey is ever more positive.

Every Nexford University graduate is asked to complete a survey immediately upon graduating. Results from these surveys help us evaluate whether we are achieving our mission to enable greater social and economic mobility. Results from our latest surveys over the last two years show 98% of graduates would recommend Nexford, 92% said Nexford prepared them for their current job or future career, 88% say that they now feel more qualified than their peers, 78% feel their skill level and degree are in line with their current position, 75% said that they achieved, or are on track to achieving, a positive return on their Nexford education investment, 72% increased their salary, 61% got promoted after graduating, and 61% hold at least a managerial position.

Furthermore, of the 72% that received a pay raise post-graduation, 30% had a +10-20% salary increase, 21% had a +50% salary increase, and 20% had a +25-50% salary increase. Their success is our success which is why we love talking to Nexford Alumni to see how their careers are going from strength to strength after they graduate. Many have gone on to start their own businesses, become leaders in their fields, achieved promotions and pay raises, and gained employment at global companies.

One example is Efe Alasa, a recent Nexford MBA graduate living in Canada, who discussed at our Washington D.C. graduation in September 2022 how her life has changed since learning at Nexford. She said, “Currently, I earn 50% more than what I did before my MBA, and that I owe to Nexford University.”

In the last year during this survey period, we were also proud of the fact that those budding entrepreneurs in our ranks used their Nexford business skills to either start a business or build the startups they already have. To support them in their endeavours, Nexford has run a ‘4 years 4 entrepreneurs’ competition where the winner will receive up to $1,000 to start or build their business. One of our most successful entrepreneurs to date is Ifeanyi Akaleme, CEO and Founder of Project Nations who said, “Since graduating from Nexford University I have started my company, Project Nations which is a very big leap for me, and a dream come true. Nexford gave me a broad platform to access global opportunities.”

Of course, because Nexford is a global university, our learners, alumni, and entrepreneurs find themselves living and working around the world. One such person is Jason Weimer, an American Nexford MBA graduate who is running his own coffee business in Thailand. Jason says, “I studied an MBA in advanced AI at Nexford. My MBA has been able to benefit my business in strategic leadership as well as integrating high technology into a traditional business model.”

Nexford also organizes Alumni Networking Events, where graduates can come together, network, and create mutually beneficial business opportunities. One such person who has tapped into the Alumni network was 'Jide Adeyemi who said, “The advantage of networking with other Nexford graduates is the fact that it has boosted my career and it has also boosted my business Big and Bold Communications.”

As part of our feedback loop informing curriculum development, we regularly speak with members of Nexford’s Career Coalition in addition to employers who have hired Nexford graduates. Rebecca Young, Principal Business Insights Manager at Microsoft spoke about the high employability of Nexford’s Alumni when discussing Nexford graduate Onyinye Udoye. She said, “Onyinye stood out when we were hiring for his role. I would definitely hire Nexford graduates. I’ve been really impressed with his progress so far, and anyone with that experience level is really a good fit for us at Microsoft.”

Gone are the days of heavy reliance on technical competencies while giving little or no attention to the development of the most sought-after skills by leading employers across the world. In today’s economy, it is vital graduates can demonstrate understanding across various subjects and soft skills.

At Nexford, learners are being equipped with the tools, community, and guidance to successfully master the skills listed above and more. This is why our graduates constantly feel that they could easily get ahead of traditional university graduates, as they mention they were more qualified than their peers from other universities.

Plus, at the end of the day, 75% of graduates feel that they achieved a positive return on their education investment with Nexford.

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Mark Talmage-Rostron
Mark Talmage-Rostron

Mark is a college graduate with Honours in Copywriting. He is the Content Marketing Manager at Nexford, creating engaging, thought-provoking, and action-oriented content.

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