A message from Nexford’s CEO, Fadl Al Tarzi

Fadl Al Tarzi
November 18, 2021 · 3 min read
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Dear all,

I’m writing today to inform you of an upcoming increase in our tuition fees. Since launching in January 2019 we have kept our tuition fees the same despite rising costs globally, but that is about to change. Effective January 1, 2022, we will be increasing our tuition fees globally.

From day one we have been committed to enabling greater social and economic mobility across the world by providing you with access to high quality yet affordable education. As a public benefit corporation, we remain committed to social impact above profits, which is why even after the increase, Nexford will remain one of, if not the most affordable American university in the world.

The Nexford learner community now includes over 3,000 learners from 85+ countries, and we are so fortunate to be the recipients of rich feedback from our community members. This regular feedback helps inform our future roadmap. In 2022 we will be launching new programs, a new learning environment with a mobile application, and several new features to enhance the learning experience based on our learners’ feedback.

In our most recent alumni survey, 97% of respondents said that they would recommend Nexford to others, and 91% had already achieved a positive return on their education investment. Since 2019 we have enhanced our learning experience to include, at no additional cost to our learners, access to:

  • LinkedIn Learning integrated within our learning platform providing our learners access to over 30,000 additional courses

  • IBM D-NA integrated within our learning platform providing our learners access to dozens of digital transformation courses from IBM

  • A writing coach working 1:1 with our learners to improve their communication skills

  • Localized, a global platform that connects our learners with industry mentors and virtual job fairs

  • Digital badges and certificates for completing certain courses

My team and I remain as committed to continuing to enhance the learning experience Nexford offers; I can humbly and confidently say we are still just getting started. We will be launching new programs, a new and enhanced online learning environment, and new features to improve learner support and peer-to-peer interaction. We will also be launching a mobile application in 2022, and we will continue seeking additional accreditation to further validate the quality of our education. Once again, even after this increase, Nexford will remain among the most affordable American universities in the world — and at least 50% more affordable than universities across the US which we benchmark ourselves against.

Our revised tuition fees will go into effect for learners who complete their enrollment starting January 1, 2022. If you are a current learner, or complete your enrollment prior to this date, the increase will not affect you. Visit this link to see our revised tuition fees.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of Nexford Advisors at help@nexford.org or via WhatsApp by clicking here.



Fadl Al Tarzi

Chief Executive Officer, Nexford University

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Fadl Al Tarzi
Fadl Al Tarzi

Fadl is Founder & CEO of Nexford University. His vision is to enable greater social and economic mobility through high-quality, affordable education.

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