Nexford University alumni survey shows graduate career success for third consecutive year

Nexford Staff
July 8, 2022 · 3 min read

Alumni success is the most important measure of Nexford’s efficacy. As the world continues to move towards a virtual talent grid the number of remote career opportunities will continue to increase. At Nexford, our aim is to support alumni across the world to join this virtual talent grid regardless of one’s physical location, gender, or ethnicity.

Every Nexford University graduate is asked to complete the first in a series of surveys immediately upon graduating. Results from these surveys helps us evaluate whether we are achieving our mission to enable greater social and economic mobility. Results from our latest surveys from July 2021 to June 2022 show 92% of graduates achieved, or are on track to achieving, a positive return on their Nexford education investment (up 1% from the last survey), 97% felt Nexford prepared them well or very well to solve organizational challenges using creative management approaches, and 99% felt Nexford prepared them well or very well to deliver effective team, collaboration and leadership skills in the workplace. In today’s remote working environment, creative management, as well as collaboration skills, have been consistently ranking as top priorities among employers across the world.

In addition, 98% of alumni stated that they would recommend Nexford (up 1% from the last survey), 79% (up 7% from the last survey) said that they felt they were more qualified than peers from other universities, 96% said Nexford prepared them well or very well to use technology in the workplace to help achieve organizational goals, and 96% felt Nexford prepared them well or very well to support effective decision-making processes by extracting information from data. In a data overload era, effective analysis and decision-making informed by accurate data is more important than ever before.

As part of our feedback loop informing curriculum development, we regularly speak with members of Nexford’s recently launched Career Coalition in addition to employers who have hired Nexford graduates. Here is what some employers had to share this year:

Nexford Alumni would enrol at Nexford University again because they said it helped broaden their horizons and prepared them for the possibility of lifelong learning. When asked how their Nexford education prepared them for their current job or future career, 90% stated extremely well to very well.

Gone are the days of heavy reliance on technical competencies while giving little or no attention to the development of the most sought-after skills by leading employers across the world. It is significantly important that learners can demonstrate understanding across various subjects and soft skills.

Some of the top soft skills that employers are looking for in a candidate includes:

1. Creative problem solving and innovation 2. Communication skills 3. Time management 4. A growth mindset 5. Emotional intelligence 6. Collaboration 7. Adaptability 8. Active listening 9. Leadership

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At Nexford, learners are being equipped with the tools, community, and guidance to successfully master the skills listed above and more. This is why our graduates felt that they could easily get ahead of traditional university graduates, as 79% said that they felt they were more qualified than their peers from other universities.

Nexford recently launched The Global Grid for our learners and Alumni to access quality insights from industry experts and prepare for the future of work. Catch up with our case studies and learner testimonials for interesting stories and reasons to join Nexford.

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*Feedback data referenced above taken from 181 Nexford Alumni surveyed

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