Corporate Sustainability & CSR


Learn how sustainable business models could help companies, communities and countries break new ground — by exploring the world’s most pressing issues.

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Corporate Sustainability & CSR: certificate with five courses

You’ll explore some of the world’s most pressing economic, social and environmental challenges, and put in place smart solutions to solve them. Cover critical issues in sustainability, agribusiness, renewables and healthcare. See how you can help create a thriving planet.

  • Corporate Sustainability

    Before the year 2000, environmental management for a business was typically driven by the need to respond to restrictions imposed by environmental regulation; however, at the dawn of the new millennium, leading businesses began to change their concept of environmental management to look beyond simply meeting governmental dictates. These organizations began to evolve and utilize environmental strategy to create new ways of growing their business by bringing sustainability to the core of their business strategy.

    This course explores how to effectively work in senior management today, executives need to be knowledgeable not only about their specific business functions, but also, how their business will be impacted by governmental regulations & policies, corporate sustainability initiatives, green marketing regulations, industry guidelines or ‘best practices’, new sustainable technologies, energy planning, environmental performance metrics, and required reporting on the environmental impact of their business unit.

  • Food and Agribusiness

    Food and Agribusiness explores how the next wave of innovation in the industry represents the biggest transformation since the industrial revolution. Through case analyses and practical agribusiness scenarios, learners examine global challenges faced within the food and agriculture industries and develop a sound understanding of what it takes to manage an agricultural business.

    You’ll investigate how insurance and financing, supply chain management, global food trade, and innovative technologies such as machine learning, sensing, and customer behavioural understanding can improve the efficiencies and cost-effectiveness of food and agribusiness industries (FAEs), and broaden your knowledge and understanding of the global challenges being faced within the food and agriculture industries.

  • Renewable Energy

    The Renewable Energy course provides learners with a foundational understanding of the applications of renewable energy practices. This course focuses on key business skills and competencies needed to determine successful economic, technical, and societal applications of renewable energy practices. Learners examine basic energy principles, terminologies, policies, and applications for domestic and international markets.

    You’ll apply industry wide and/or industry sector renewable energy practices, and execute relevant management practices, principles, and perspectives related to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. These practices include corporate and executive management, operations management, entrepreneurship, venture capital and finance activities, infrastructure investment, management consulting, and other business related, technical specializations.

  • Managing Healthcare

    Managing Healthcare is designed to help learners develop competencies for identifying and evaluating emerging markets within the healthcare industry. In this introduction to organizations in healthcare, you’ll examine the wide-ranging complexities encountered by management and critique current thinking in management and leadership.

    Through case analyses and practical healthcare scenarios, you’ll analyze the global challenges faced within the healthcare industry and develop a sound understanding of what it takes to manage a global health business. You’ll also come away with a solid foundation in understanding and aligning the national health agenda with personal and organizational pledges to population-based wellness.

  • Policy and Regulatory Enablement of E-commerce

    Policy and Regulatory Enablement of E-Commerce serves as a foundation for understanding the various policy and regulatory initiatives that are required to be executed to enable e-commerce. You’ll explore barriers that need to be overcome by promoting collaboration among various organizations across the business, civil societies, and government to improve the accessibility of the Internet.

    The course provides a comprehensive overview of best practices to enable e-commerce. Learners examine the importance of E-commerce reliable data as an essential component of policy development and technological investments, and the utilization of various trade agreements to support the penetration of e-commerce in emerging markets.

Digital StrategyE-commerceSocial media marketingBudgetingHealthcare managementHealthcare strategyLeadershipBusiness strategyRenewable energy strategyProject managementAgribusiness strategyConsumer researchData analyticsSustainability StrategyESG InvestingCSR StrategySustainability ReportingCSR LeadershipCrisis Management

Become a responsible business leader

  • Learn how to apply sustainable enterprise and best business practices, and pave the way for a “greener” future
  • Master hard skills of the future like sustainable accounting to entrepreneurship in developing economies to renewable energy
  • Gain a competitive edge in a fast-changing world with soft skills of the future like digital fluency and business analysis
  • Make informed business decisions, and lead with confidence: 94% of Nexford learners increased in confidence at work
  • Build a network of global professionals from 110+ countries working at firms like Google, Deloitte, and EY
  • Earn a degree as well as digital badges as you go – including credentials from LinkedIn Learning

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