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Management Essentials

The Management Essentials Pathway Program equips learners with foundational skills and knowledge in each of the core functions of a successful business: accounting/finance, technology and operations, marketing, communications, and strategy.

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Skills to scale your organizational impact

Growth is the goal of every business, but with growth comes a need for managers who oversee and optimize teams, processes, and strategies. The Management Essentials Pathway Program is designed for young professionals possessing a bachelor’s degree who seek to accelerate their ability to assume mid-level leadership positions. You will learn how to:
Lead Teams

Lead Teams

Structure and lead effective teams

Communicate Effectively

Communicate succinctly and effectively across teams, countries, and cultures

Analyze Data

Measure business performance and use data to drive decisions

Drive Improvement

Optimize teams and processes around technology

Create Differentiation

Identify your business' strengths compared to competitors and promote your business more effectively

Program Courses

The Management Essentials Pathway Program consists of five (5) individual courses. Learners who successfully complete the program will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Organizational Strategy

    Organizational strategy examines how the success of any organization is based in part on how effectively strategy is incorporated into its overall mission and vision. Develop an understanding of how adaptability and flexibility are two key aspects of a successful strategy.

    Learners examine and apply principles and frameworks of a successful strategy across various industries and markets with the goal of creating a strategy which sustains and/or increases the competitive position of the firm. This course focuses on the domestic and international strategic approaches needed to solve business challenges, integrating all of the tools related to strategy formulation.

  • Technology and Operations Management

    Technology and Operations Management provides a comprehensive overview of technology utilization to drive a competitive advantage for company operations. Learners explore various technology solutions for business process automation, including value proposition analysis across organization functions.

    You’ll also analyse how technology can be leveraged to improve product development during the four lifecycle phases. The course provides a detailed overview of the impact of technology on various operating models such as manufacturing, supply chain management, customer facing, product development, and support functions (e.g., HR and finance).

  • Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy focuses on the advanced marketing and leadership skills required in today’s fast-paced technology driven global economy. Learners prepare for roles within the field of marketing, and gain a solid understanding of the role of marketing, both in traditional and digital platforms, in defining and maintaining a brand and in meeting business objectives.

    You’ll examine how technology and transformational approaches are critical to developing future-forward marketing strategies. Topics include leadership, strategic partnerships, and negotiating skills that are key contributors to successful business growth and company culture.

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting

    Accounting and Financial Reporting engages learners in applying the principles of corporate finance and accounting to business decision making.

    Course topics include financial statements and other reports, the basics of financial forecasting and budgeting, accounting analytics, and the communications and vocabulary related to financial statements. Learners reconcile financial transactions and accounting records, and examine the implications of international differences in accounting frameworks and financial reporting requirements.

  • The Art of Communication

    What is the number one job skill American and global employees are lacking, according to LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner? Communication. The Art of Communication is designed to strengthen and promote a leadership-driven communications model that extends from an audience centered communications approach. How do leaders persuade shareholders? How do leaders negotiate with clients and business partners across cultures?

    This course introduces learners to a foundation in rhetorical awareness that will transfer through a variety of contexts, including corporate communications, public speaking, negotiation, and a range of executive leadership scenarios. Coursework includes genre analysis, professional writing, presentation design and delivery, and negotiation workshops.


Management matters

According to Harvard Business Review, effective management is associated with improvements in growth, productivity, and market capitalization.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Meet Tolulope

Tolulope works at a global wealth management company and is seeing her career go from strength to strength thanks to her Nexford MBA. Plus she is seeing her leadership skills improve.

She chose Nexford University because it allowed her to learn at her own pace so she did not have to take a break from work, or leave her country to get a word-class education and super-charge her career.

Admissions Requirements

The admissions requirements for the Management Essentials Pathway Program are:

Age 18 or older

Self-certification that you have completed your bachelor’s degree (or submitting your unofficial or official documents)

Appropriate device with stable internet connection (view requirements)

Tuition & Duration

Monthly tuition

With our Business Essentials pathway program, you'll pay tuition monthly at a cost of . So the faster you finish, the more money you’ll save.

Complete in as little as 6 months

The Management Essentials Pathway Program can be completed in as little as 6 months. Learners should expect to spend approximately 18 hours/week watching lectures and completing course content.

It's 100% online

Study 100% online and prepare for the future today.

A pathway to a new future… or, a Nexford MBA

As generalists within their organizations, professionals with management training excel at thinking—and working—across functions. As a graduate of the Management Essentials Pathway Program, you’ll be prepared to assume mid-level roles and gain the skills to lead small teams.

Learners who opt to apply for, meet admission requirements for (including submitting your official bachelor’s degree transcript from an accredited institution), and enroll into, the MBA program will gain credit for the coursework in the Management Essentials Pathway Program.

Note: The Management Essentials Pathway Program and MBA degree have separate admissions requirements. See Admissions Requirements for additional information.

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