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1,500+ Nexford University alumni and counting


A global community from over 110 countries

Welcome to the NXU alumni community!

You’re now part of a global network of more than 9,000 learners in over 110 countries, and 1,500+ Nexford alumni!

Your Success Advisors are here to help you maintain a lifelong connection with Nexford and with your peers. As a NXU alumni, you have access to a number of benefits and services, as well as enjoying opportunities to become more involved within the NXU alumni community.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at alumni@nexford.org

Speak to a Career Coach or a Mentor

Build your career and connect with career coaches and industry experts

Connect with our Alumni Career Office to speak with NXU career coaches, who will provide tailored advice to help you define and achieve your goals.

Unlock your international network

After graduating from Nexford, continue to bring yourself lifelong learning opportunities with Alumni Access. Here are the benefits of signing up to Alumni Access:

  • LinkedIn Learning: access 16,000+ courses
  • Revisit your courses: apply what you’ve learned at work
  • NXU Digital Library: over 60 million resources at your fingertips
  • Microsoft 365 license: keep working with the tools used by global employers
  • IBM Digital Nation Africa: if you’re in Africa, gain digital skills and use IBM’s job portal

All this is available for just $15/month, or $150/year.

Nexford University Alumni Network

Finishing your degree at Nexford doesn't mean goodbye

  • Stay in touch with classmates and make new connections by joining our alumni group on LinkedIn or WhatsApp
  • Connect with other alumni and build your professional network
  • Explore opportunities for employment and also stay up to date with the demands that are relevant to todays market

The Nexford University Alumni Network is open to Nexford graduates only. We recommend listing Nexford University in the Education section of your LinkedIn profile in order to be approved for this group.

Webinars and Networking Events

Join Alumni-exclusive events

Join an upcoming monthly webinar or networking event near you to discuss topics that are relevant to our students career needs. Featuring Q&A sessions, job hunting tips and tricks to help you have a successful career.

Nexford US Graduation 2024

Enjoy meeting and socializing with fellow Nexford graduates, grow your professional network, hear from esteemed guest speakers and make lifelong connections at the 2024 Nexford DC graduation ceremony on June 22 2024!

You'll also have the opportunity to attend our DC tour, and visit historical landmarks such as:

  • The Washington Monument
  • World War II Memorial
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • Vietnam Veterans Memorial
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial
  • U.S. Capitol Building

Please note — this graduation is only available to alumni who did not attend the 2022 graduation. 

NXU Future Fund

Donate to NXU Future Fund and change someone’s life forever

We founded Nexford University on a single ideal — to make university education accessible to all creeds and economic backgrounds, enabling greater social and economic mobility worldwide. Sadly, for many prospective learners, attaining a degree is still a bridge too far. You can help change that.

As part of Nexford’s successful alums, you can give back by making a monetary donation that will help to provide the underprivileged many with a university education that will change their lives.

Hear from our latest alumni

Enrolling, learning and graduating from Nexford is an incredible journey, which many have come to realize since we welcomed our first learner four years ago. Hear how their lives and careers have changed for the better, how they’ve got ahead, and how thanks to their modern Nexford degree, they’re staying ahead.

Keep in touch

Together we can enhance global higher education. If you are with us, show your support: follow us, join the conversation and use the hashtag #NXUgrad.

Your alumni services:

Nexford graduates can order a printed copy of their official Nexford credentials via the Document Order Form.


Certification Fee

  • Electronic certificate - $25.00
  • Printed certificate, official copy - $50.00
  • Printed copy of transcript, student or official copy - $50.00

Degree Fee

  • Printed degree diploma, official copy - $110.00
  • Printed degree transcript, student or official copy - $80.00
  • Electronic degree diploma - $60.00
  • Electronic degree transcript official copy sent to an institution - $35.00
  • Electronic transcript, student copy - $25.00

Notarized and Authenticated Documents Fee

  • Notarized documents, sent to learners or their designees - $100/document
  • Notarization and authentication of documents - $150/document

Transfer Credit Review Fee

  • Transfer credit review - $50/review

NXU offers bundles that provide a discounted fee when purchasing more than one document at once: 

Diploma Bundle: $150

The bundle includes an electronic diploma and a printed diploma mailed to the address specified in the document order form. It also includes unlimited electronic transcript copies sent to you.

Diploma & Transcript Bundle: $200

The bundle includes everything in the Diploma Bundle, as well as a printed transcript to be sent to you.

Make sure to use hashtag #NXUGrad in your social media posts and we’ll connect with you on social media wherever in the world you are! Stay in touch via alumni@nexford.org, too.

NOTE: Student copies of transcripts are considered unofficial. Some institutions may require an official copy.

When you graduate from Nexford University, you automatically join a global community of alumni from all over the world. There are lots of ways you can keep in touch with us, expand your network and connect with friends, old and new.

For any other inquiries, please email us.

If you are a Nexford graduate, please contact a member of the Alumni team at alumni@nexford.org and we'll be happy to assist.