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You’ve been lucky to have graduated from a world-class university, ensure many more are able to as well.


Donate to NXU Future Fund and change someone’s life forever

Nexford University was founded on a single ideal that became our Mission Statement. Our goal is to make university education globally accessible to all, whatever their social or economic background — and in so doing enable greater social and economic mobility across the world. So far, learners from over 95 countries have been provided access to high-quality, affordable, dynamic online education that prepares them for the global workplace.

That has always been our mission, but sadly, for many prospective learners, attaining an undergraduate or graduate degree is a bridge too far. You can help change that. As part of Nexford’s successful alumni, you can give back by making a monetary donation that will help to provide the underprivileged many with a university education that will change their lives.

Nexford gives prospective learners a helping hand

Over the years that our virtual doors have been open, we have been fortunate enough to see applicants apply from all corners of the globe, and all backgrounds. We've watched with a smile as they’ve progressed through their degree, graduated, and slid into top jobs at global companies. We’re sure that you will also feel the same sense of pride when you donate. To give you a sense of what a difference you can make, meet just some people who have benefited from a Nexford scholarship in the past.

Meet Manal Hammady

Coming from Syria, and living in a war torn country, my learning story is very different to many others. War makes it very hard to complete your studies. But, because Nexford is a 100% online University, it allowed me to study when, where and how I wanted. But, without a scholarship from Nexford, I would not have been here in the first place.

Meet Adebisi Adenopo

Not having the time and enough funds has always stopped me from further my education to a higher level, which is a determining factor for promotion in Nigeria official environment. NXU became the solution to my problem, by rendering me a scholarship and a time flexible program.

Meet Faith Alozie

Without this scholarship I may not have had the opportunity to study MBA at the Nexford University. The MBA knowledge and certificate would make me distinguished in my present office and it would serve as leverage for new opportunities in other sectors and in my private business.

Why donate to the NXU Future Fund?

Nexford offers a modern learning experience where those that you sponsor can learn wherever they want and at a pace that suits them. Sure they have to adhere to course deadlines, but they don’t have to worry about paying to get to a campus or paying for expensive text books. And on cost that would be over and above your donation. That would be one step forward and two steps back.

Donate now and help today’s learners become tomorrow’s leaders.

Future Fund FAQs

Your donation will be allocated to an individual of our choosing and will be used to pay for their tuition.

If you have any questions about the Nexford Future Fund, please email

We’re a Public Benefit Corporation, so all of the money you donate will go toward sponsoring a learner.

Simply express your interest using the form above - a Nexford representative will get in contact with you to discuss the frequency and amount of your donation.