Navigate: Finding Fit & Funding

Venturing from idea to first customers is about knowing your market and how you will reach them. This Pathway guides founders in successfully navigating the path from a product concept to achieving the crucial Product-Market Fit while strengthening the potential for securing funding.

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From Concept to Market

Prepare for market entry with knowledge of market sizing, competitive analysis, and pricing strategies. Create a go-to-market plan that introduces your product and ensures its early adoption and success. You're not just launching; you're aiming for the longevity and growth of your startup.

Product Market Fit

Learn concrete techniques and gain crucial insights for validating your product's fit within the market.

Startup Funding

Startup Funding

Get a clear overview of funding dynamics, ranging from initial self-funding stages to securing venture capital.

Financially Sustainability

Absorb practical know-how for establishing and upholding financial health in your startup's trajectory.

Navigating Barriers

Identify common startup risks early and arm yourself with pragmatic strategies to surmount them with ease.

Pathway Courses

The Navigate: Finding Fit & Funding Course Pathway Program consists of three individual courses:

  • Funding for Startup Founders

    Learn how to secure funding for your startup. This course will teach you how to secure the funding you need to build your startup. You will learn about the various funding options available for your startup, including bootstrapping, microloans, bank debt, crowdfunding, angel investment, and venture capital funding. You will also learn how to formulate a funding strategy, prepare accurate financial projections, and craft and deliver a winning pitch.

  • Achieving Product-Market Fit

    As a founder, you must evaluate customer problems and identify solutions with the right product-market fit. This course will use a lean and agile product strategy and design approaches and processes to validate your ideas and implement your vision. In this course, you will learn how to refine your ideas, define your target customer to ensure product-market fit and set yourself up for long-term success as a founder.

  • Product Go-to-Market

    The course covers crucial elements of go-to-market strategy, including identifying market needs and definition the product-market fit for new product offerings. You will gain practical insights into product launch strategies, product positioning, and sales enablement. The course also delves into defining product priorities, understanding market sizing, performing competitive analysis, and developing effective pricing and packaging strategies. The course ensures you will be well-equipped to navigate the dynamic and competitive landscape of product marketing.

Our Pathways Guide You

Startup Ideation & Launch

Craft a pitch-ready idea and launch your startup.

Skill Upgrade

Skill Upgrade

Upgrade your entrepreneurial skills and competencies.

A Nexford Degree

Where applicable, transfer credit for completed Pathway coursework into a full Nexford degree program.

Startup Growth

Acquire knowledge that aids the growth and expansion of your startup.

Why Learn at Nexford

At Nexford we have reimagined the university experience, torn down the walls of the traditional campus, and designed a learning experience for modern professionals. Our programs blend business knowledge and technical skills that will set you up for leading teams.


At Nexford, you'll graduate with more than a degree and capstone. You'll have a portfolio or projects, tools, and resources to support your startup's success.


Online but never alone. You'll contribute to small-group peer projects, connect with others in our community channels, and strengthen your co-creation and cross-functional skills.


Join a global community from over 110+ countries and build a strong network with professionals from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

Admissions Requirements

Age 18 or older

Self-certification of Bachelor's degree completion or submission of official/unofficial documents

Appropriate device with stable internet connection (view requirements)

Learners must be proficient in written and spoken English.

Tuition & Duration

Monthly tuition

Your monthly tuition fee for the Building a Startup Pathway program offers flexibility - the faster you complete the program, the more you save!

Complete in as little as 6 months

The Building a Startup Pathway Program can be completed in as little as 6 months, with learners expected to spend approximately 18 hours/week attending lectures and completing course content.

It's 100% online

Study at your convenience while you build your startup. Upon completion, you get a Nexford certificate and also have the option to count the coursework towards a full MSc in Entreprenuership program.

Please note that this Pathway program and Nexford degree programs have separate admission processes.

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