Land and Expand: From Startup to Scaleup

Transitioning from an early startup to a high-growth scale-up requires an arsenal of skills. As a founder, your capacity to lead this transition effectively is the bedrock of your venture's success. This Pathway provides the skills to fuel your startup for sustainable growth beyond the initial launch.

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Transition To Sustainable Growth

Initiating startup growth is one thing; sustaining it to scale-up is another. The skills and projects you will engage with in this Pathway deliver crucial knowledge and will help you steer your startup towards enduring success.
Accounting & Financial Reporting

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Master the tools necessary to evaluate financial statements and analyze financial performance ratios.

Effective Communication

Strengthen your skills to communicate effectively across various scenarios - from persuading investors to negotiating with business partners.

Scaling an Organization

Scaling an Organization

Learn how to create an organizational structure aligned with growth, and establish recruiting, onboarding, and retention strategies.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

In the race towards success, marketing strategy is the pace-setter. Grasp the key concepts behind effective marketing strategies that drive growth.

Pathway Courses

The 'Startup to Scaleup' Course Pathway includes the following individual courses:

  • Accounting and Financial Reporting

    Accounting and Financial Reporting engages learners in applying the principles of corporate finance and accounting to business decision making.

    Course topics include financial statements and other reports, the basics of financial forecasting and budgeting, accounting analytics, and the communications and vocabulary related to financial statements. Learners reconcile financial transactions and accounting records, and examine the implications of international differences in accounting frameworks and financial reporting requirements.

  • The Art of Communication

    What is the number one job skill American and global employees are lacking, according to LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner? Communication. The Art of Communication is designed to strengthen and promote a leadership-driven communications model that extends from an audience centered communications approach. How do leaders persuade shareholders? How do leaders negotiate with clients and business partners across cultures?

    This course introduces learners to a foundation in rhetorical awareness that will transfer through a variety of contexts, including corporate communications, public speaking, negotiation, and a range of executive leadership scenarios. Coursework includes genre analysis, professional writing, presentation design and delivery, and negotiation workshops.

  • Building and Scaling an Organization

    One of the key skills every startup founder needs to know is how to identify, find, and hire the right team to build their business, starting with a co-founder. This course will cover management skills, basic HR skills for founders, key needs for new businesses, and the roles to handle those needs. The course will additionally cover how hiring needs and the organizational chart change as a business matures and scales. Topics include motivating and inspiring employees, leadership development, conflict management, intercultural relations, and change management.

  • Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy focuses on the advanced marketing and leadership skills required in today’s fast-paced technology driven global economy. Learners prepare for roles within the field of marketing, and gain a solid understanding of the role of marketing, both in traditional and digital platforms, in defining and maintaining a brand and in meeting business objectives.

    You’ll examine how technology and transformational approaches are critical to developing future-forward marketing strategies. Topics include leadership, strategic partnerships, and negotiating skills that are key contributors to successful business growth and company culture.

Our Pathways Guide You

Startup Ideation & Launch

Craft a pitch-ready idea and launch your startup.

Skill Upgrade

Skill Upgrade

Upgrade your entrepreneurial skills and competencies.

A Nexford Degree

Where applicable, transfer credit for completed Pathway coursework into a full Nexford degree program.

Startup Growth

Acquire knowledge that aids the growth and expansion of your startup.

Why Learn at Nexford

At Nexford we have reimagined the university experience, torn down the walls of the traditional campus, and designed a learning experience for modern professionals. Our programs blend business knowledge and technical skills that will set you up for leading teams.


At Nexford, you'll graduate with more than a degree and capstone. You'll have a portfolio or projects, tools, and resources to support your startup's success.


Online but never alone. You'll contribute to small-group peer projects, connect with others in our community channels, and strengthen your co-creation and cross-functional skills.


Join a global community from over 110+ countries and build a strong network with professionals from Fortune 500 companies to startups.

Admissions Requirements

Age 18 or older

Self-certification of Bachelor's degree completion or submission of official/unofficial documents

Appropriate device with stable internet connection (view requirements)

Learners must be proficient in written and spoken English.

Tuition & Duration

Monthly tuition

Your monthly tuition fee for the Building a Startup Pathway program offers flexibility - the faster you complete the program, the more you save!

Complete in as little as 6 months

The Building a Startup Pathway Program can be completed in as little as 6 months, with learners expected to spend approximately 18 hours/week attending lectures and completing course content.

It's 100% online

Study at your convenience while you build your startup. Upon completion, you get a Nexford certificate and also have the option to count the coursework towards a full MSc in Entreprenuership program.

Please note that this Pathway program and Nexford degree programs have separate admission processes.

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