Join us for Nexford University's next Social Day in Nairobi

Build connections, network, and unwind with fellow NXU learners and alumni at a fun-filled Social Day in Nairobi on April 26!


Join us for the Nexford University Social Day in Nairobi

Network and connect with fellow Kenya learners and Nexford staff members at our upcoming Social Day in Nairobi on April 26!

During the social, activities will centre around a core topic. For April's social case, the topic of discussion is how to navigate work-life balance — a challenge facing all of us in today's busy world. Through icebreakers, activities and Q&A sessions, you'll address this topic with current learners & alumni — as well as Nexford's Kenya team!

Most importantly, you will also have the opportunity to interact with current students and alumni, to build your Nexford network and become an even more important part of our Kenyan community.

Nairobi Social Day Agenda

Topic: Harmony in Hustle — Navigating Work-Life Balance

When: Friday April 26 2024

Where: Sanlam Tower, Waiyaki Way, Westlands, The Terrace, 4th Floor

6:00pm — 6:30pm: 📝 Arrival & Registration
6:30pm — 6:45pm: 👋 Welcome & NXU Updates
6:45pm — 7:00pm: 🧊 Icebreaker (Trivia)
7:00pm — 8:00pm: 💡 Topic of the day
7:45pm — 8:00pm: ❓ Q&A
8:00pm — 8:15pm: 🧠 Trivia
8:15pm onwards: 📸 Group photos & Networking

Previous community events

The Nairobi Open Day on March 7, 2024 gave an opportunity to individuals considering Nexford University to visit the NXU community space in Nairobi and hear from current learners and alumni, to learn more about the range of programs available at Nexford.

Nairobi, NXU Open Day, Merch 2024

Nairobi, NXU Open Day, Merch 2024

During our Nairobi Open Day on March 22, Team NXU and current NXU learners showcased the advantages of a Nexford degree for career advancement, provided insights into the Nexford learning experience, and addressed questions from prospective learners and those curious about what Nexford could do for them.

March 2024
Online education & career readiness in today’s digital world, March 2023

Online education & career readiness in today’s digital world, March 2023

On March 10, representatives from Nexford attended the Kenya Online Learning and Career Readiness Conference to discuss the status of the Kenyan education system, and how NXU is helping bridge the gap between what employers need and the skills that employees need to bring to the relevant jobs on offer.

March 2023
Nairobi, NXU Open Day, February 2023

Nairobi, NXU Open Day, February 2023

On February 4, NXU staff and current Nexford learners held Kenya's first ever Nexford University open day. Meeting with potential future Nexford learners they shared the benefits a Nexford degree can offer those looking to super charge their career paths.

February 2023

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Meet Sarah Kamau, a current Nexford MBA learner in Kenya

Sarah Kamau is one of our go-getting MBA learners in Kenya who truly believes that she is accomplishing so much more and furthering her career since enrolling at Nexford.

She is doing an MBA, specializing in Global Business, and was interested in Nexford straight away because it was affordable and she saw the value in getting a world-class education that would provide her with the learning style which was far better and more prestigious than that of the undergraduate degree she did previously in Kenya.