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Study at home, get your Nexford degree online and pay with a CIB loan. Benefit from flexible payments, high loan amounts & preferential interest rates.

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Flexible learning, flexible terms

Get 15% off tuition

Earn your American MBA at home in Egypt. With the CIB Loan pay 15% less for your degree.

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Invest in your future

Learn online and finance your degree with a flexible repayment plan and special interest rates from CIB.

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Find out how to make your goals a reality. Apply to Nexford first and then apply for your CIB loan.

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Earn an American degree with the CIB Loan

Is the time and cost of an MBA in the way of your goals? Get your MBA 100% online from Nexford University and let CIB take care of the finances. With CIB and Nexford, you can take out high loan amounts with a flexible repayment plan up to 8 years while you study online around your life. Don’t wait to kick-start your future, discover the details.


Don’t wait to invest in the future you deserve. Get your questions answered today.

Quality you can count on

Nexford brings quality education to people everywhere. CIB and Nexford teamed up to make American degrees more accessible to people in Egypt. Among Nexford’s Board of Directors is Dr Sherif Kamel, Dean of Business School, AUC, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. Watch the esteemed leader discuss the rise of online education.

Nexford is also accredited by DEAC, which is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a recognized accrediting agency and is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). We are a degree-granting institution of higher education, licensed by the District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission.

How to apply

About Nexford’s MBA

A graduate management degree for experienced professionals. Learn 100% online from the comfort of your home. Apply big-picture themes shaping global business to your career.

Get 15% off tuition with the CIB Loan – meaning you could earn MBA in 18 months, for just $3,060.

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Get started in 5 steps

Step 1: Apply to Nexford Before you start your application, you must meet Nexford’s MBA admission requirements. Pay a one-off $30 application fee

Step 2: Wait for your Nexford admission decision. You’ll receive a response from Nexford within seven days

Step 3: If you’re accepted onto Nexford’s MBA program, you can start your application for the CIB Loan

Step 4: Once you’re accepted for the CIB Loan you’ll receive a unique tuition voucher code giving you 15% off. Keep this safe, you’ll need this to enroll

Step 5: Enroll in your MBA program and pay for your tuition using your CIB Loan voucher code.

About the CIB Loan

Get 15% off your MBA tuition with the CIB Loan. Finance your degree with a flexible repayment plan up to 8 years, preferential interest rates and more.

  • Apply online from home, hassle-free
  • High loan amounts
  • Special interest rates
  • Life insurance cover during your loan repayment period
  • Repaying the loan at your convenience through monthly installments over a 12 to 96-month period
  • Loans secured by certificates of deposit or time deposits
  • Making monthly payments with ease through more than 198 branches and 440 cash deposit machines.

Am I eligible?

To apply for the CIB Loan, all you need to do is fill in the Apply Online form and to know more about general required documents, click here.

What's next?

Once you’ve been admitted to Nexford and approved for your CIB Loan, you can enroll and start learning!

Our courses start on the first of every month, so you can get started as soon as you’re ready. When your funds are transferred to you, we’ll send you a unique voucher code to get 15% off your tuition when you enroll.

Want to know more? Read our FAQs here, or contact us on


Before you start your application, you must meet Nexford's MBA admission requirements and pay a one-off $30 application fee. You'll need your Government-issued ID and details of your previous education history.

To apply for the CIB Loan, all you need to do is fill in the Apply Online Form

You must apply to Nexford and be accepted onto the MBA program before you apply for the CIB Loan. Don’t worry, we’ll let you know when you can start applying for your loan. Look out for an email from Nexford accepting you onto our MBA program. Applying for the CIB Loan is easy.

You can apply 100% online at home and if you need to finalize your documents, a CIB representative can even come to you if necessary.

Download our step-by-step guide to understand what you need to do to complete your Nexford application and give yourself the best chance of acceptance.

Your application to Nexford will be reviewed within seven days. Our admissions office might get in contact with you to ask for more information. CIB will approve your loan in a matter of days, and communicate with you every step of the way. If the bank needs more time during the COVID-19 crisis to make a decision, it will let you know.

Once you’ve been approved for the CIB Loan, CIB will transfer the amount to your customer account within a few days. You can then enroll on Nexford's MBA by choosing when you’d like to start your degree.

Our programs start on the first of every month, so you can choose to start when it suits you. You’ll also enroll using your unique CIB Loan voucher code to get 15% off tuition. When you enroll, you’ll be asked to set up your tuition payment plan. You can pay every month, 2 or 6 months.

As a CIB customer, you’re eligible for 15% off tuition. Once you’re accepted onto the MBA program and you’ve received the funds from your CIB Loan, you can enroll using your unique voucher code to get 15% off. CIB will send this code to you when you’re ready to enroll – look out for an SMS or email. If you don’t know what your code is, please contact us at

If you're awarded a CIB Loan, you'll pay: 

  • A one-off application fee of $30 
  • 15% of your MBA tuition 

Calculate the cost of your tuition before the discount here. The standard MBA completion time is 18 months, which is a cost of $3,240. With a 15% discount, you save $486 bringing the total to $2,754. That’s a payment of $153/month over an average of 18 months due to Nexford.

You’ll agree your CIB Loan terms, such as interest rates and the amount you wish to borrow, directly with CIB. Monthly payment installments range from 12 to 96 months.

Required documents: 

  • Application form and national ID 
  • CIB payroll relationship: Recent HR letter, three payslips, or bank statements 
  • No CIB payroll relationship: Recent HR letter or three pay slips, bank statement, and utility bill 
  • Self-employed individuals: Bank statement, utility bill, Recent commercial register

To find out about the status of your loan application, please contact CIB at 19666.

The CIB loan is open to prospective learners on Nexford’s MBA program.

Nexford offers the following degrees and certificates: Associate of Applied Science in Business (AAS), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), MBA, MSDT, MSDA, MSEnine undergraduate certificates and three graduate certificates in the field of business. Nexford provides learners with a fully online global education based on mastery of competencies relevant in the workplace.

A global team of faculty and advisors support learning and professional success through the innovative use of technology, such as AI and machine learning. For more information, visit

Nexford has enough faculty and success advisors to ensure every learner gets access to support as and when they need it, on a 24/7 basis. The exact number of faculty and team members fluctuates on a monthly basis. Nexford has an unbundled team-based instructional model to provide more effective and personalized learner support.

This means that Nexford has part-time and full-time faculty members, and visiting, associate and assistant professors, to support the university’s overall operation. The university also has learning experience designers, and subject matter expert (SME): here’s a snapshot of the team: view faculty 

Among Nexford’s Board of Directors is Dr Sherif Kamel, Dean of Business School, AUC, President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. Watch the esteemed leader discuss the rise of online education. Watch video

Nexford University has partnered with many organizations in the region to train and reskill their employees. Examples of organizations the university has provided advanced certificates and our MBA program to include EFG-Hermes, Ghabbour Auto, Hassan Allam Holding, and Eva Pharma.

Some Eva Pharma MBA scholarship recipients have recently graduated.

Aligned with our mission to make higher education accessible for all, we partnered with Kenda Tire, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, to provide fully-funded scholarships to the people of Libya. In addition, we have partnered with the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt and Think Marketing to provide courses for their members.