Tech-enabled Nexford University offers monthly-based tuition for upskilling higher education students

Nexford Staff
November 28, 2021 · 1 min read

A modern American university education has evaded the grasp of many until Nexford University stepped up with a more affordable tuition model compared to traditional universities

The average cost of tuition and fees to attend a ranked public college in state is about 73% less than the average sticker price at a private college, at $10,388 for the 2021-2022 year compared with $38,185, respectively, U.S. News data shows. The average cost for out-of-state students at public colleges comes to $22,698 for the same year. On the other side of the pond, UK learners can expect to fork out the princely sum of £9,250 a year for a full-time undergraduate degree.

But it’s not just the amount that is taking the higher education out of the hands of many and putting in the hands of the relative few, it is also the payment method. Not many people have those amounts of money just kicking around, so they end up taking out crippling government or bank loans to pay for tuition in one lump sum.

Speaking of this unique higher education tuition system, Mr. Al Tarzi said:

By allowing people to pay for their tuition on a monthly basis and with the tuition fee as affordable as it is, one can earn an MBA (Masters in Business Administration) for less than $3,000 (P150,000) with the quality of a program directly comparable to universities charging 10 or 15 times more.

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