Nexford’s Career Coalition Enables the Future of Leadership and Career Development

Nexford Staff
June 15, 2022 · 1 min read

Progressive companies are those that realize that their greatest assets walk in through the door in the morning, and out of it in the evening.

People are what make a great company even better, which is why forward-thinking employers are looking to Nexford’s Career Coalition to help upskill and reskill their team members in addition to using the university’s raft of top-rate graduates schooled on a competency-based education model to recruit qualified talent.

63% of recruiters say talent shortages are their biggest problem. There are enough jobs, but not enough qualified candidates. Nexford’s Career Coalition offers organizations around the world a structured and future-proof framework to upskill their workforce and plugs the gaps between wanting extraordinary talent and finding it.

Fadl Al-Tarzi, CEO of Nexford University, commented:

“The Career Coalition program is designed to seamlessly integrate employer needs into Nexford’s programs – creating more meaningful connections between employers and talent. It will benefit learners, and employers while reducing the amount of subjectivity that currently exists within the recruitment process, as well as the traditional learning & development process. Through purposefully designed programs and data-rich tools both employers and talent should be empowered to make more meaningful decisions.”

To find out a bit more about the coalition program read this interesting FE News article.

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