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Learn 2 Earn

Hire job-ready talent on Day 1.


There's little to love about your talent acquisition strategy

Hiring times are slow and the ramp-to-productivity takes even longer.

Nexford’s Learn 2 Earn program trains your future employees with the skills they need today to be “job ready” on day one.

How Learn 2 Earn works

Step 1: Assess needs

You identify the skills your company needs future employees to have.

Step 2: Select courses

Together, we select the courses (or combination of courses) that will prepare these future hires for the jobs you need to fill.

Step 3: Train talent

Nexford attracts, enrolls, and trains learners. You get extended time to evaluate learners, selecting the best-of-the-best for hire.

Step 4: Hire rockstars

New hires from the Learn 2 Earn program are job ready on Day 1.

The world's leading brands employ Nexford graduates

Every Nexford program is built around the skills companies want employees to have. That's why our graduates work for some of the world's leading multi-national brands. And—it's why more and more companies work with Nexford to fill open roles and upskill existing teams.

Hundreds of programs

From A to Z (and everything in between)

Nexford’s competency-based training programs combine skills with stackable credentials. From banking essentials to software development, our coalition of employer partners vet each program’s curriculum to ensure industry alignment.

  • Essential Skills

    Essential Skills

    Regardless of the career you’re in—or the one you’re looking to pursue—the skills employers demand are nearly universal. The Essential Skills Pathway Program is designed for learners who want to be more effective—and have a greater impact--within their organizations. Whether in the public or private sectors, or at small start-ups or large multi-national corporations, learners gain the skills to communicate across teams, countries, and cultures; sell ideas and suggestions effectively; understand, diagnose, and respond to problems and challenges; analyze data to make data-driven decisions; and communicate effectively with company leadership.

    5 Courses

    • Professional Communication
    • Data Analytics
    • Intercultural Communication
    • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
    • Business Communication for Leaders and Managers
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning

    Marketing Strategy and Planning provides learners with the opportunity to develop and master competencies required to execute marketing strategy. Learners perfect skills for planning and implementing a marketing strategy, including evaluating current brand positioning in the marketplace, identifying target audiences, setting objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs), and defining evaluation metrics to determine effectiveness. Key elements of strategic planning are examined, including pricing, brand positioning, and setting up the framework of a strategic marketing plan.

  • Fundamentals of Financial Management

    Financial Management focuses on the foundations of finance concepts required to be capable of managing day to day financial operations and to solve complex financial matters. You’ll examine the elements of financial statements of an entity and impact of changes in one element on the other. Additionally, you’ll learn to plan and control cash flows and make decisions in the microeconomic and macroeconomic environment.

By the numbers

Positive ROI

92% percent of Nexford graduates report a positive ROI on their investment.

Strong preparation

Strong preparation

97% percent feel well prepared to solve challenges at their organizations.


Highly recommended

98% percent would recommend Nexford University to others.

It takes Sterling 3 months to train newly-recruited talent. With the Learn 2 Earn program, I think we can reduce this to one week.

Obinna Ukachukwu
Divisional Head, Sterling Bank Plc.

Meet Onyinye

Onyinye Udoye completed his online MBA in Nigeria with specializations in AI and Automation—two areas of increasing importance in today's business world. His MBA gave him the right skills and insights to start his career at Microsoft.

Join him and Rebecca Young, Microsoft's Principle Business Insights Manager, as they discuss the benefits of a Nexford MBA and how it prepared Onyinye for his role as a Microsoft Business Analytics Specialist.

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