Academic Calendar

Key dates throughout the academic year


A detailed account of the Nexford academic calendar can be found here. Below is an overview of academic key dates.

Academic key dates

Nexford University observes various holidays. During holidays, all Nexford online systems remain open and available. Learners are welcome to utilize these systems to continue working on assessments, and to submit questions to course faculty and advisors.

Nexford University’s catalog year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31. Nexford enrolls learners on the first day of each month. Learners are subject to the program requirements of the catalog year in which they are admitted to the university or, if the onset of their studies is delayed, the catalog year in which they begin their studies. Learners who elect to change their academic program are subject to the program requirements of the catalog year in which they officially make this change. Learners who take a leave of absence from their academic program are subject to the program requirements associated with the catalog year in which they resume their studies.

Courses open for enrollment at 12:01am EDT on the first of the month prior to the start of the course and close at 12:01am EDT, 72 hours prior to the start of a new set of courses.

Courses start at 12:01am on the first month following enrollment.

Modules open and learners may begin submitting assignments and completing assessments as soon as the course begins at the start of the month.

Learners have until approximately eight weeks (54 calendar days) after the course begins to complete work.

Two additional weeks are available for learners who request and qualify for an Incomplete (see Figure 1).

It is important to note that learners with an Incomplete cannot enroll in any new courses until their Incomplete requirements have been met and a final grade has been issued. However, they will be able to start any course in which they have pre-enrolled during the month prior. This circumstance may occasionally give rise to an allowable exception to the university’s maximum course load requirement.

This exception allows for learners to enroll in only one course more than the permitted loan under temporary overload status while they complete the course for which they have been granted an Incomplete.

All learners may add or drop courses anytime during a course enrollment month, up to 72 hours prior to the start date of the following month. This is subject to the requirements of their academic programs and academic policies noted elsewhere in this catalog. Once courses start, learners can still drop or add a course to their schedule.

The next opportunity to start a new course is the first of the following month.