Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

Earn an employer-recognized certification in front-end development with a program designed by experts at Meta.

Pre-requisites: Beginner level. No previous experience required.

Start date: Begin May 1 for just , or a special discounted price of $50/month if you apply by April 30 with discount code PROFNXU.


Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate


Complete an Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate in as little as 6 months.


15 hours per week which fits into your schedule so you can prepare for your future at your own pace.


100% online with engaging study groups and mentorship sessions so you stay inspired and on track for success.


Pay tuition monthly at a cost of , or a special discounted price of $50/month if you apply by April 30 with discount code PROFNXU.

The global demand for front-end developers is surging

Software spending is expected to rise by 2.4% to $4.5 trillion this year, and IT services are set to grow by 5.5%, reaching a record-setting $1.3 trillion. Amid this backdrop of rising investment, the employment of web developers is projected to rise by 23% from 2021 to 2031. With such unprecedented growth in both financial commitment and the job market, the opportunity for impactful work in this field has never been greater.

Why choose Nexford for your Professional Certificate

Expert-Designed Curriculum

The Meta front-end developer professional certification is designed by seasoned experts at Meta and delivered with the academic rigor and attention to practical application that Nexford is renowned for.

Unparalleled Mentorship

At Nexford, you're never alone in your learning journey. You'll receive continuous guidance, insights, and support from our experienced mentors who make sure you grasp even the most complex data science concepts with clarity.

Success-Oriented Approach

Our dedicated success advisors are there every step of the way, offering guidance, resources, and strategies to ensure you reach your career and learning objectives efficiently.


Local Currency

We understand the varied economic landscapes our students come from. That's why Nexford allows payment in your local currency, easing the financial journey for our diverse global learners.

Location-Free Career

Our Meta android development certificate prepares you to thrive in data science roles, whether local or remote, ensuring you're competitive in job markets irrespective of your geographical location.

You will learn

Web Fundamentals

Learn how to construct a responsive website by employing HTML for content structuring, CSS for visual aesthetics, and JavaScript for interactive features.



Gain proficiency in React, understanding its place among JavaScript libraries and frameworks to enhance web application development.

Bootstrap and GitHub

Get hands-on experience with the Bootstrap CSS Framework to build visually appealing webpages, while managing your projects using GitHub repositories and version control.

Portfolio Preparation

Equip yourself for coding interviews by mastering problem-solving approaches, and create portfolio-worthy projects that you can showcase during job discussions.

Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate: Courses

    Learn the daily duties of web developers, the fundamental technologies that power the internet, and how front-end developers build user-friendly websites and apps. You will get an introduction to core web development technologies, including HTML and CSS, as well as modern UI frameworks, including React and Bootstrap, that enable the development of interactive user experiences.


    JavaScript is the programming language that powers the modern web. In this course, you will learn the basic concepts of web development with JavaScript. You will work with functions, objects, arrays, variables, data types, the HTML DOM, and much more. You will learn how to use JavaScript and discover interactive possibilities with modern JavaScript technologies. Finally, you will learn about the practice of testing code and how to write a unit test using Jest.


    Learn how modern software developers collaborate across the world without messing up each other's code. You will look at the different version control systems and how to create an effective software development workflow. You will be introduced to some of the most commonly used Linux commands that you can use to work with files on your hard drive and create powerful workflows that will automate your work, saving you time and effort.


    In this course, you’ll use software development tools like HTML to build attractive web pages that work well—and you’ll use structured semantic data to control how websites appear to the end user. You will then dive deeper into CSS by applying increasingly specific styling to various elements. You’ll learn to use Bootstrap’s grid system to create layouts and work with components and themes. Finally, you’ll explore debugging and learn how it can be utilized to banish common front-end errors.


    React is a powerful JavaScript library that you can use to build user interfaces for web and mobile applications (apps). In this course, you will explore the fundamental concepts that underpin the React library and learn the basic skills required to build a simple, fast, and scalable app.


    Learn how to use more advanced React concepts and features, become proficient in JSX, and confidently test your applications. You’ll examine different types of React components and learn various characteristics and when to use them. You’ll dig into more advanced hooks and create your own. You’ll look into building forms with React. You’ll explore component composition and new patterns, such as Higher Order Components and Render Props. You’ll create a web application that consumes API data and get familiar with the most commonly used React framework integrations, tools, and testing techniques.


    Learn the fundamentals of User Experience (UX) research and design. Become immersed in the UX process of identifying problems and iterating and testing designs to find appropriate solutions. You’ll learn how to empathize with users through best-practice research approaches, and create common UX artifacts such as user personas. And you’ll use UX insights to make appropriate design decisions.

    By utilizing the User Interface (UI) design process, you will be able to create wireframes for features in Figma, and turn them into Minimum Viable Product (MVP) style prototypes from your mockups. You’ll also learn the core principles of design such as hierarchy and the use of grids.


    The Capstone project enables you to demonstrate multiple skills from the Certificate by solving an authentic real-world problem. Each module includes a brief recap of, and links to, content that you have covered in previous courses in this program.

    This course will test your knowledge and understanding, and provide you with a platform to show off your new abilities in front-end web development using React. During this course, you will be guided through the process of building an app, combining all the skills and technologies you've learned throughout this program to solve the problem at hand.


    The Coding Interview Preparation course will prepare you for the unique aspects of a coding job interview, with approaches to problem-solving and computer science foundations needed to land the job. Ultimately you’ll gain strategic insights and tips for successful interviewing.


    Gain skills to strategically search for a job that aligns with your career goals. This proctored course introduces the knowledge and techniques to prepare, plan, and execute a modern job search in a global market. Learn how to develop a personal brand; prepare an effective resume or CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile; build a strong professional network; and successfully interview for roles that can help you launch your future career.


In-Demand Career Options in Front-End Development

Front-End Developer

Website Developer


JavaScript Developer


React Developer

Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate FAQ

Front-end developers focus on designing and developing engaging online user experiences that generate excitement and encourage repeat visits. They work closely with designers to make websites both beautiful and functional. If you are a creative thinker who is interested in visual design and coding, this is a great career path for you.

Software engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs in the tech industry, and global demand for developers is increasing year over year.

Nexford is committed to helping learners launch their careers. The Nexford Career Strategies for Success course and access to Nexford Career Services will be available to all people who complete the certificate. Learners will also gain access to the Meta Career Programs Job Board which is a job-search platform with 200+ employers who have committed to sourcing talent through Meta’s certificate programs.

None. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in a relevant field, we are committed to assisting you in achieving success. Basic internet navigation skills and a desire to begin coding are required, but prior web development experience is not necessary.