Master of Business Administration

An ultra-flexible degree for professionals

Gain the skills to succeed in fast-moving global environments with our affordable and accredited, 100% online MBA.


A learning experience built for your success

We take your success so seriously that we decided to put our Success Team at the heart of the university. From the get-go, you'll be assigned a dedicated Success Advisor who can offer you personalized support. And our full-time faculty love nothing better than offering you real-time feedback so you can continue to develop your skills.

Study an MBA with a difference. Learn through simulations, hands-on assessments and daily workplace scenarios. Build the real-world skills, expertise and international network you need to operate confidently anywhere in the world.

Prove what you know as you go – advance to your next course as soon as you've mastered competencies

Start here

Choose when you start

Apply at the right time for you: programs start on the first day of every month. After completing enrollment, take NXU Orientation where you’ll navigate our fully online learning environment ahead of your first course and get the support you need.

Meet your Success Advisor

Think of your Success Advisor as your mentor and coach. They'll help you pick the right academic courses to meet your objectives. In some cases you’ll be able to take more than one course at a time – you’ll need to maintain a cumulative Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 to do so.

Personalize your pathway

If you want to go faster, choose from two options, our Guided and Accelerated Paths.

A) Guided Learning Path Take one course at first and then pick up the pace with two courses at the same time.

B) Accelerated Learning Path Take one course at first and then accelerate with three courses at the same time.

Earn rewarding credentials

Make your LinkedIn profile and CV stand out as you earn your degree. Demonstrate your ability with digital badges and certificates. Develop with webinars, enriching online courses and unique simulations.

Get your degree

Build an international network: join a community of faculty, practitioner experts and peers from around the world. Choose to graduate at our ceremony in Washington DC, or at home with your family and friends. Wherever you celebrate, you'll get a globally recognized, accredited degree.

A world of opportunity awaits

When you join our global community, your success is truly our success. Nexford University has a dedicated group of Success Advisors to guide learners from Orientation through the successful completion of the first three courses in their program.

After this period, you'll be supported by the rest of the Success Advising team. When you graduate, you'll have all the tools – and the confidence – you need to succeed in global business.

Graduate with more than a degree

With Nexord, you’ll receive a formal degree just like you would from a traditional university. On top of that, you’ll earn certificates and badges along the way. These credentials are recognition of professional skills you can share on social and networking sites – yes, LinkedIn – as well as your resume. There is no additional cost for these credentials.

On average, earn 5 credentials with an MBA – 4 digital badges, and 1 certificate – watch here.