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Train 2 Retain

Skilled talent is hard to hold onto. But 94% will stay if given the opportunity to develop new skills. The answer? Train 2 Retain.


Choose Nexford for a better way to develop and retain top talent

Your top talent understands its value and, at any given time, 50% of them are looking for another job. Nexford can help.

Train 2 Retain is an innovative employee benefit program that puts Nexford’s 100+ course catalog into the hands of your teams. And when they learn, everyone wins.

How Train 2 Retain works

Step 1: Jump aboard

Train 2 Retain is available at no direct cost to organizations. Zilch, nada, free!

Step 2: Co-Market with Nexford

We’ll work with you to make sure your teams are aware of Train 2 Retain and how they can take advantage to learn the skills you want them to have. We provide the training; you endorse its usage.

Step 3: Employees enroll

Employees cover their own tuition (at below-published rates). We’ll provide a unique enrollment code for your organization so that you always know who’s enrolled and what they’re learning.

Step 4: Everyone wins!

An employee who’s learning is an employee who’s happy. And happy employees stay.

A world class, market-driven curriculum validated by the world’s leading employers

Every Nexford program is built around the skills companies want employees to have. That's why our graduates work for some of the world's leading multi-national brands. And—it's why more and more companies work with Nexford to fill open roles and upskill existing teams.

Hundreds of courses

From A to Z (and everything in between)

Nexford’s competency-based training programs combine skills with stackable credentials. From banking essentials to software development, our coalition of employer partners vet each program’s curriculum to ensure industry alignment.

  • Management Essentials

    Management Essentials

    Growth is the goal of every business, but with growth comes a need for managers who oversee and optimize teams, processes, and strategies. The Management Essentials Pathway Program is designed for young professionals possessing a bachelor’s degree who seek to accelerate their ability to assume mid-level leadership positions.

    5 Courses

    • Organizational Strategy
    • Technology and Operations Management
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Accounting and Financial Reporting
    • The Art of Communication
  • Marketing Strategy and Planning

    Marketing Strategy and Planning provides learners with the opportunity to develop and master competencies required to execute marketing strategy. Learners perfect skills for planning and implementing a marketing strategy, including evaluating current brand positioning in the marketplace, identifying target audiences, setting objectives and key performance indicators (KPIs), and defining evaluation metrics to determine effectiveness. Key elements of strategic planning are examined, including pricing, brand positioning, and setting up the framework of a strategic marketing plan.

  • Fundamentals of Financial Management

    Financial Management focuses on the foundations of finance concepts required to be capable of managing day to day financial operations and to solve complex financial matters. You’ll examine the elements of financial statements of an entity and impact of changes in one element on the other. Additionally, you’ll learn to plan and control cash flows and make decisions in the microeconomic and macroeconomic environment.

By the Numbers

Positive ROI

92% percent of Nexford graduates report a positive ROI on their investment.

Strong Preparation

Strong Preparation

97% percent feel well prepared to solve challenges at their organizations.


Highly Recommended

98% percent would recommend Nexford University to others.

We can enjoy the flexibility of dictating how much we put into our jobs. But we can only do that when we have the right skills to give. Education has a lot to do with that. That’s what Nexford is helping to achieve.

Ernest Ndukwe
Chairman of the Board, MTN Nigeria

Meet Jide

Jide Adeyemi is a Nexford graduate and a successful brand strategist.

He said that the skills he learned during his Nexford MBA has made him a better leader and consultant, boosted his career, and helped his company expand into new geographies.

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