Introducing Pathway Programs

Whether you’re looking to start a new job or a new degree program, a Pathway Program can help you get there.


Make the leap from goal to achievement


Our pathway programs enable you to succeed in today's most in-demand fields. Apply your new skills from day one at work.


Master the skills employers are looking for and put your accomplishments in the spotlight with badges you'll be proud to share.


Our intuitive learning experience focuses entirely on you – so you master valuable real-world skills, fast.


Continue in a full Nexford degree program and gain credit* for courses completed in the pathway program.

Explore Pathways

From graduate-level management courses to essential skills for every workplace, there’s a pathway for you.

  • Management Essentials

    Management Essentials

    Growth is the goal of every business, but with growth comes a need for managers who oversee and optimize teams, processes, and strategies. The Management Essentials Pathway Program is designed for young professionals possessing a bachelor’s degree who seek to accelerate their ability to assume mid-level leadership positions.

    5 Courses

    • Organizational Strategy
    • Technology and Operations Management
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Accounting and Financial Reporting
    • The Art of Communication
  • Business Essentials

    Business Essentials

    Every company needs junior professionals but training new hires difficult, expensive, and time consuming—making it difficult to land a foot in the door. The Business Essentials Pathway Program is designed for entry-level (or aspiring entry-level) professionals looking to gain relevant skills for the modern business environment. Whether it’s a leg in—or just a leg up—you'll learn principles of both traditional and digital marketing, how companies digitize and/or automate legacy processes, how global companies operate across languages, cultures, and time zones, how to communicate for influence and impact, and more.

    7 Courses

    • Roadmap to Success
    • The World of Business
    • Fundamentals of Digital Transformation
    • Digital Marketing Fundamentals
    • Professional Communication
    • Financial Accounting
    • Project Management
  • Essential Skills

    Essential Skills

    Regardless of the career you’re in—or the one you’re looking to pursue—the skills employers demand are nearly universal. The Essential Skills Pathway Program is designed for learners who want to be more effective—and have a greater impact--within their organizations. Whether in the public or private sectors, or at small start-ups or large multi-national corporations, learners gain the skills to communicate across teams, countries, and cultures; sell ideas and suggestions effectively; understand, diagnose, and respond to problems and challenges; analyze data to make data-driven decisions; and communicate effectively with company leadership.

    5 Courses

    • Professional Communication
    • Data Analytics
    • Intercultural Communication
    • Problem Solving and Critical Thinking
    • Business Communication for Leaders and Managers

What are Pathway Programs?

Not everyone measures education in the same way. Perhaps you want to start a new career or you’re looking to gain a specific set of skills. Or, let’s say you want to enroll into one of Nexford’s degree programs but don’t currently meet all of the admissions requirements (such as being able to submit official transcripts).

A pathway program, from Nexford University, may be for you. Pathway programs are specialized combinations of courses that lead to specialized outcomes. Whether it’s a leg up on the competition, a foot in the door to your dream company, or just for fun, pathway programs get you on the right, well... path.

*Note: Admissions Requirements for pathway programs differ from those of degrees and certificates. Where relevant, credits earned in a pathway program may transfer over into a degree program. However, applicants must meet the admissions requirements of both programs. Contact a Nexford Application Specialist to learn more.

Whatever your goal, there’s a Pathway there

Career Growth

Start a new career or accelerate your existing one.

New Skills

New Skills

Gain new skills that you can put to work immediately.

A Nexford Degree

Where applicable, transfer credit for completed coursework into a full Nexford degree program.

Personal Enrichment

Explore a subject you’ve always been interested in.

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